Flakes, Petals, Flours

Soy flakes
3.80 € 3.80 €
Spielberger organic soy flakes. With these soy flakes, whole beans are steamed and then rolled into flakes. All the ingredients of the whole bean are retained. Prepared hot or cold with milk/juice/cereal drink, etc. and a few fruits, they make a quick meal.
Type 1150 rye flour
2.60 € 2.60 €
Spielberger Type 1150 organic rye flour. Rye has a strong, spicy taste. At the Spielberger mill, the grain is ground in several stages to produce this fine flour. Type 1150 rye flour can be used with sourdough to bake strong breads, or in flour blends for a savory taste.
Coconut flour
3.00 € 3.00 €
Make every dessert special with this tasty coconut flour. Compared to other flours, it contains far fewer calories, but more fiber and protein.
Farine de banane
7.00 € 7.00 €
Banana flour impresses with its versatility and neutral smell and taste. For savoury dishes.
You can use banana flour in sauces, soups, smoothies and pancakes.
Chickpea flour
4.00 € 4.00 €
Pale yellow, fine-textured organic chickpea flour, obtained by grinding dried chickpeas, is ideal for falafels, hummus, panisses, purées and pancakes.
It can also be used to make light galettes, crispy fried foods and fluffy pastries.
Grape seed flour
4.95 € 4.95 €
Special, aromatic flour. A purely natural product: this precious grape-seed flour is made from grape seeds.
Grape seeds are nature's richest source of oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs), phytochemical compounds belonging to the polyphenol group.
Sweet Lupine Flour
6.90 € 6.90 €
Invaluable source of vegetable protein! Lupins contain high-quality plant proteins and are particularly suitable for vegetarians, vegans, athletes and people allergic to soy.
Mild lupins are produced and ground to the highest international standards.
Flax flour- Organic
6.20 € 6.20 €
Flaxseed meal has a subtle nutty taste and is gluten-free. It is ideal for the preparation of many recipes: cakes, pancakes, breads...
Oats flakes (unroasted, small, without gluten) - organic
3.10 € 3.10 €
As these small, plain, gluten-free oat flakes have been pre-cooked in steam, they can be eaten without cooking, for example in hot or cold milk for breakfast.
Krunchy Spelt - organic
5.10 € 5.10 €
Krunchy épeautre est un muesli croustillant au léger goût de noisette à base de flocons d'épeautre complet avec crisps de riz et noix de coco.
Lupin flour - organic
4.10 € 4.10 €
Guar seed flour - organic
5.00 € 5.00 €
Guar gum is a high-protein, vegetable binder and thickener (from the seeds of the guar legume) that works well both hot and cold. Ideal for desserts and cold dishes, as well as hot dishes such as soups, sauces, egg-free soufflés and vegetable preparations.