Several solutions are possible:

  1. give another address for the delivery:
    • that of an acquaintance who is nearly always at home.
    • that of the enterprise where the receiver, someone of his cohabitants, an acquaintance, works, provided that enterprise, receiver and addressee agree.
    • that, if available in the surroundings of the addressee, of a "parcel shop" belonging to or working with the courier service company chosen for shipping the order. Local availability to be checked by the addressee.
    • that of a deposit specialized in receiving and storing shipments. For example : Pack-up in Luxembourg, Lieferadresse Deutschland in Germany near the Swiss border. Look for existing solutions in the surroundings of the recipient.
  2. choose the postal shipment. Usually, in case of absence of the recipient, a notification card is left and the package is stored for some time at the post office.

Some products have a small throughput (low demand).
As such, in order to ship products with distant expiration date we choose to order them only when they get ordered.

If you have an account, go on "my account" to manage your personal data.

If you do not have an account, click on the "unsubscribe" link that appears at the bottom of each newsletter.

This account can be supplied in various ways: through sponsorship, with the discount offered for your birthday, to settle a difference between a payment and the amount due.

The amount of the vouchers is automatically deducted from the total amount due for the order, up to 50% of the amount owed for the products, and this from the third order on. You can find the remaining balance of your vouchers by clicking on "My account".

If you know the code, you know also the 2 first letters of the brand (except for Biover which appears as BV in the brands). Go under the heading "Brands", click on the corresponding brand and then click on the title of the third column "Codes" to sort the codes by ascending order.

It is not possible because we do not receive samples from our supplier.

Your birth date allows us to sent you offers for your birthday. But if that poses a problem to you, nobody can prevent you from giving another one. However the system will not believe you if you declare being 2 years or 99 years old. ;-)

Santi-shop is an online store and has no paper catalogue. The classification of the products on the site and the search tool make searching products easy.

No. The only possible way to order is online as described in the " Sales conditions ".

Open "My account" and click on the previous order you want to duplicate. At the bottom of the page "Order information" click on the button "Add to cart".

Doing so, you have duplicated the chosen order. If wanted, you cann update the quantities where needed and/oder add other products in your cart.

Open your account and go onto the page "My account information". Click on the option "Create a temporary cart..." in the frame "My account".

By doing so, you will have a cart that contains one unit of all products ordered during the last 12 months. Add other products or/and update the quantities before ending the order.

  • Sent by "Courier services company": 2 lost orders per thousand.
  • Sent by "Postal company Option C": no lost order.
  • Sent by "Postal company Option B": 1 lost order replaced.
  • Sent by "Postal company Option A": lost orders were for France (PC: 17000, 75xxx, 837xx, 92xxx, 93xxx), French Guiana, Portugal and Luxembourg. These losses were most certainly thefts.

The first purpose is to facilitate and accelerate delivery. Courier service companies do not always find your house or do not have access to the bell. Being able to ring you allows for a faster delivery.
Some customs also ask for your phone number in order to accelerate customs clearance.

The second purpose is to allow Santi-shop to contact you if really necessary.

In any case, your telephone number will never be used for marketing purposes or be sold to outside companies.

During registration and when ordering automatic emails are sent to you. These emails should arrive to you within a few minutes. If this is not the case the possible causes are:

  1. The email address you provided us is not correct (Santi-shop is notified).
  2. The email is rejected by your email server. (Santi-shop is notified).
  3. The email is put by your email program in a "spam", "unwanted" or other box (Santi-shop is not notified).
  4. The Santi-shop email-server encounters a temporary problem (Santi-shop repairs it and sends the emails which did not leave).


We accept all Visa and MasterCard, European and international, credit and debit cards. This includes Electron (Visa) and Maestro (MasterCard) cards. Are also accepted all basic French national bank cards, even if not affiliated to Visa or Mastercard.

WARNING. Visa and MasterCard offer the 3DS (online payment security by sms or password). If you didn't activate the 3DS with your bank, the online payment will automatically be refused by your bank which usually will not notify you of the reason for the payment failure. It is up to you to take action to activate this security against card data theft.

We do not propose Paypal payment option since their fees are extraordinary high in Luxembourg. But you can pay by card (refer to above question), bank/wire transfer for SEPA countries (EU countries and some others) or Digicash mobile payment.

A SEPA payment is:

  • a transfer in euros up to EUR 50,000
  • in which both the accounts held by the originator and the beneficiary are opened in one of the SEPA countries
  • giving the beneficiary’s account number in IBAN and BIC format
  • and with shared costs (SHA).

List of SEPA countries: Âland islands, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guinea, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Réunion, Romania, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

The data provided by Santi-shop are valid. There can be, among others, three reasons for your bank to refuse the transfer.
  • You made a typing mistake when introducing the IBAN and BIC. Use copy/paste to avoid such mistake when you make the transfer on-line.
  • You have chosen a "national transfer" instead of an "international transfer". Choose the "international transfer".
  • Your bank account does not permit international transfers.
If none of the 2 first above given reasons solves your problem, please contact your bank for further help.

This is only possible if you haven't clicked yet on the "PAY xxx" orange button.

TO DO. To exit PayPlug payment screen in a proper manner, click on the text "Cancel payment" in the upper right corner.
You are brought back on a Santi-shop page which proposes you to retry your payment, (possibly) change the payment mode or cancel your order.

NOT TO DO. Exit PayPlug payment screen by closing the tab of your Internet browser. Your order remains in the status "awaiting payment" and the products remain blocked and unavailable for a new order. You receive no order confirmation mail.
The order will be cancelled by Santi-shop later and a cancellation mail will be issued.
You will find back the content of your order by going on "My account", and there on "My last three orders".

TO DO. To exit Saferpay website in a correct way there are two possibilities: click on the "Quit" button when you want to stop the payment process for whatever reason, click on the "Close" button when the payment was successfull.
By clicking the "Cancel" button you return to a Santi-shop page which proposes you to retry your payment, (possibly) change the payment mode or cancel your order. This approach allows you to recover your shopping cart and the products available for order, for you or for another client.

NOT TO DO. If you leave the Saferpay page by closing the tab of your Internet browser your order remains in the status "awaiting payment" and the ordered goods blocked and not available for a new order. You receive no order confirmation mail.
The order will be cancelled by Santi-shop and a cancellation mail issued.
You will find back the content of your order by going on "My account" - "My last three orders".

Digicash allows payment from a smartphone or a tablet under the iOS or Android operating system. The amount is directly debited from your bank account. Digicash combines the accessibility of mobile devices to the comfort of bank transfer while ensuring a high level of banking security. No need for an additional account, card or recharge. It is as simple as downloading the Digicash app offered by your bank. Detailed information on this payment method can be found on Digicash website and on Santi-shop Sales Conditions page .

Santi-shop e-mails you the invoice of your order in PDF format the day your order is sent out.
If you have lost this email you can always download the invoice for any of your finalised orders by going to your Account (Log in), then

  • click on "show all orders" above the first frame
  • click on the "View" button of the concerned order
  • click on the "Invoice" button at the bottom of the page
and simply save the file on your computer.

No. The payment on delivery is not possible.

You can use the bank transfer, when proposed, that is at no cost for you and for Santi-shop (using SHA shared expenses option). But this increases the shipping time by 1 to 3 days.

The payment by credit card on Internet is instantaneous and completely secure because it goes directly through the secured PayPlug site. The risk is higher when using banknotes (risk of counterfeit notes) than when using the credit card on a secured site like Santi-shop.

Payment by check is not accepted because of prohibitive collection costs. The bank charges between 13€ and 15€ fee. Any check received is automatically destroyed.

Prefer the payment by VISA or Mastercard or by bank transfer that does not generate fees.

The card payment is immediate and your order is sent within 24 hours (if all products are in stock).

The bank transfer usually adds a delay of 2 to 3 days, time to receive the payment.

Costs / VAT

Yes. Just provide all the required information regarding your company, including the VAT number. This number will be validated on the website VIES.

The product prices are VAT included except when you are logged on under your name and you are a VAT-registered (not domiciliated in Luxembourg) or that the delivery address is outside the EU.

Case 1. The products are sent in a country outside the EU.

Case 2. The customer is a company of the EU (except Luxembourg), has provided his VAT number and is invoiced and delivered at his own address.

During the ordering, the different available delivery modes offered are proposed in ascending order of price. These prices are fixed by the shipping companies but to reduce your costs you have two possibilities:

  1. Increase the total amount of your order to take advantage of reduced shipping costs according to the amount bough (see " shipping "). During the order process you will be informed about the weight you can add without increasing shipping costs.
  2. Have your parcel delivered in a neighbouring country if the shipping costs are lower there and the addressee of your order lives close to that country. For example, for a an addressee close to Germany in Switzerland, have your parcel delivered in Germany, for an addressee in France close to the border with Luxembourg, Belgium or Germany, have your parcel delivered in one of these countries. If you do not know anyone in that country at whom to send the package you can use a "ParcelShop" used by the courier service company or a deposit specialised in the receiving and storing of shipments.

Customs fees usually depend on the amount of the order and the type of products. Each country being different, it is the customer who is best placed to search for answers on Internet or to contact local authorities.
For Switzerland, the website of the Post provides a complete answer to this question.

Shipping costs are detailed on our Shipping page.


This is the date that appears on the product after sentences like "Best before end...", "Best used before..." or "Best if used before...".

For foods, according to regulation (UE) n° 1169/2011, it means

  • either a date of minimum durability if preceded by the words ‘Best before …’ or ‘Best before end …’
  • either a ‘use by’ date if preceded by the words ‘use by …’.

We provide this date to help you to decide the number of units you want to purchase and to increase your confidence in the quality of our products. But do not forget that this date is usually not an expiration date and that many products are still safe to be consumed or used long after that date.

If no date appears it means that the product has none. The date we indicate is the shortest one of all the products on stock. The symbol ≥ (greater than or equal) means that, when purchasing more than one unit, some products could have a longer validity date

This means that the producer did not include in the packaging of his product a sealing system that would make it possible to detect visually an opening of this packaging. This is, for example, the case for most of the cosmetics products.
As a result, for health, safety and ethic reasons, we cannot accept the return of unsealed products under the right of withdrawal or for any other reason, unless Santi-shop original parcel has neither been opened, nor damaged.


Allergy is a personal sensibility to certain products : Whether the product is natural or certified organic or BDIH does not necessarily enter into account. Some very sensitive people may have strong allergic reactions, including death.

If you have an allergic background and want to try a new skin care product, test it first by putting a little on the inside of the wrist or elbow and see if you make a skin reaction. If you do not, there are good chances that you are not allergic to that product.

Food allergies are more difficult to identify since they do not occur at first contact with the food.

When you make an allergic reaction to a skin care product X you are probably only allergic to some of its components and the INCI list on the packing will help the doctor finding the component you are allergic to. If you have another skin care product Y you are not allergic to, you can compare the INCI lists of both products. You will most probably find the component(s) you are allergic to among the components of product X which do not appear on the INCI list of product Y.

The capsules are made out of pure animal gelatine, without additives or colouring. They can be easily opened to release their content; this allows vegan people to take the ingredients without ingesting the capsule itself.

The main advantages of the gelatine capsule compared to the plant-based capsule are:

  • Release of active ingredients within 1 hour
  • No interaction between content and container
  • Very minimal risk of oesophagus adhesion

The macerates with hormonal action are not recommended for pregnant women as a precaution because some might have an inappropriate action on their hormonal system.

Raspberry, for example, has an antispasmodic action on the uterus; it is advisable to take it a few days before delivery to facilitate it.

No. You may continue taking it.


You can, with no fear, simultaneously take the pill and bud extracts, even the ones with hormonal action. No positive or negative impact between those two products have been noticed up to now.

But it is always recommended to take the allopathic medicine and the bud extract at different times of the day (not within the same hour).