Why become a loyal Santi-shop customer?

We strongly believe that your loyalty to Santi-shop should be rewarded. Santi-shop is a small, family-run business, and our aim is to provide access to quality products wherever you are in the world;

But we also know that it's thanks to you that we continue to exist, because alone we go fast, but together we go further.

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1€ = 10 beez  it's simple, the more you buy, the more beez you get, to use on your next order.

When you buy a product, next to the price you'll find the number of beez you'll accumulate thanks to this purchase.

Here's a diagram, because sometimes a drawing is easier to understand than a long speech...

Why come back to Santi-shop?

At Santi-shop, we have chosen to offer you products  certified BDIH  and/or made from natural or organically grown ingredients, complying with specifications targeting these qualities ; 

  • for your well-being,  
  • to preserve the environment and the future of our planet    generations  to come.

Organic quality is all the more important when products are concentrated, as is the case with essential oils;

An ecological conscience: what about packaging recycling?

In the product description, under recycling, you'll find information on packaging materials which will help you to sort your waste.  The products used to cushion products during shipment vary according to technical developments. PE-BD bubble wrap is used for delicate products.

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