At Santi-Shop, it is nature that guides and inspires us.

We thus offer you BDIH certified products and/or elaborated from ingredients from organic or natural agriculture, conforming to specifications aiming at these qualities and preserving the environment as well as the future of our planet and future generations.

Discover below our different certifications as well as a brief explanation for each of them and the link to the corresponding sites for further information.

Agriculture Biologique (AB)
is a French label created in 1985 for organic agriculture. It applies only to food products, and guarantees an ecological production method

Anchored in European and French legislation, it is managed by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Control is carried out by independent bodies.
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The organic and natural cosmetic label Cosmébio  allows you to distinguish at a glance which aretruly natural or organic cosmetics. 

It is based on demanding specifications and a charter of ethical values. A control by an independent certifier is mandatory every year to verify the conformity of the products.
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BDIH  (German label) 
Founded in 1951, BDIH is the Federal Association of German Commercial and Industrial Enterprises for Medicines, Dietetic Products, Food Supplements and Body Care. 

BDIH includes a working group on natural cosmetics which has defined a charter and precise specifications for the manufacture of natural beauty products.

The BDIH specifications are built on a "positive list" of authorized ingredients. A single unauthorized ingredient excludes the certification of the entire product. 
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Thousands of animals are still used nowadays during cosmetic tests, this label fights for the end of this practice at the world level by going to seek support in each country to thus save animals from experiments and advocate cruelty-free purchasing!
This label guarantees that :
The testing of products on animals is prohibited whether on the finished product, on the ingredients composing the product or on foreign markets.
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The label for a Fairtrade product refers to mono-products (e.g. bananas, coffee, rice, honey, etc.) and composite products (e.g. chocolate, ice cream).

Two key principles apply to compounded products:
"All that can be must be" : all ingredients in a product that are available on Fairtrade terms must be Fairtrade certified. The total Fairtrade percentage must be at least 20%.
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The organic label of the European Union  
is a quality label certifying that a marketed product complies with the European Union regulation on organic agriculture, based on the ban on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

At a minimum, the logo guarantees that :
- 95 % or more of the components of the product are organically grown in accordance with EU regulations;
- the product complies with the rules of the official inspection system ;
- the product comes directly from the farmer-producer or food processor in a sealed package ;
- the product bears the name of the producing farmer or agri-food processor or distributor and the name or code of the inspection agency. 
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Certifies that the products contain only natural or processed substances of natural origin, preferably organic. It excludes synthetic perfumes and dyes, products of petrochemical origin (kerosenes, PEG, -propyl-, -alkyl-, etc.), silicones, GMOs... 
- irradiation of finished products and ingredients, animal testing for finished products are prohibited
- Authorized manufacturing processes are limited and environmentally friendly.
- the transformation of natural substances takes place according to known physiological processes
- Sustainable development aspects throughout the production chain and respect for biodiversity are taken into account.
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The V-label is a European label for vegan and vegetarian products, which was registered in 1996 in Switzerland.

This label guarantees that the product does not contain animals or animal flesh.

There are 2 categories: vegetarian and vegan. You will find these categories below the label on the product packaging. 
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"Huile Essentielle Botaniquement et Biochimiquement Définie" in french means Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil. This label means that our essential oils are fully defined both botanically (producing organ of the plant, exact Latin botanical name, chemotype, country of origin) and chemically (a chromatography is performed for each new batch of essential oil).

This label is a pledge of quality of essential oils on :
- the choice of the most favorable biotype,
- the quality of the extraction methods used,
- control of the identity and composition of the essential oil by analysis,
- the guarantee of a 100% pure and natural essential oil.
Other laboratories use the HECT label, similar to that of EOBBD, which stands for Chemotyped Essential Oil and which is also a guarantee of the quality of essential oils from a botanical and biochemical point of view.
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