Supplements for energy

Elixir de Jouvance Bio 100 ml
21.80 € 21.80 €
Elixir de Jouvence bio Biofloral - The union of tradition and scientific rigor to support your overall well-being.
21.80 € 21.80 €
Maintain your physical and mental vitality in the face of everyday challenges with Elixir de Vitalité.
35.00 € 35.00 €
VieTribulus is a natural dietary supplement with a base that helps stimulate the production of steroid hormones to reduce erectile dysfunction and boost libido. Tribulus also helps treat infertility and low testosterone.
Revivable brewer's yeast 320 mg
11.90 € 11.90 €
Brewer's yeast contains a whole range of vitality-boosting elements, such as proteins and vitamins. Its wellness benefits are exceptional.
Maca 500 MG
10.00 € 10.00 €
Maca bio in vegetarian capsules is a dietary supplement based on maca root, which is exceptionally rich in nutrients, equivalent to those found in cereals.
ARTIGEM - GC02 - organic
22.90 € 22.90 €
For the maintenance of joint suppleness
Vitamin D3 oil
24.90 € 24.90 €
New Vitamin D3 Oil Supplement
Pure vegetable vitamin D3 from seaweed oil is blended with coconut oil.
POE N°18 Precious Solution
16.60 € 16.60 €
The POE n°18 "Precious Solution" is a complete preparation of multiple highly assimilable trace elements to fight against temporary fatigue.
POE No. 17 Sportoligo
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE No. 17 "Sportoligo" combines trace elements (Cu) with Ginseng extract to support you in your sporting activities.
POE N°14 Sage
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°14 associates trace elements (Cu) with Sage extracts to bring tonus and energy, and to reinforce the natural defenses.
POE N°11 Hypericum
23.50 € 23.50 €
The POE n°11 associates trace elements (Mn) with Hypericum extracts (St. John's wort) to fight against nervousness, anxiety, stress and low morale. It also helps to find the sleep.
Nori seaweed powder in capsule - PORPHYRA Umbilicalis - organic
20.00 € 20.00 €
Food supplement based on plant (Powder of the alga Porphyra umbilicalis).
Spirulina powder 125 g - organic
22.90 € 22.90 €
The powder consists 100% of spirulina microalgae powder and is certified according to Naturland standards. Naturally gluten and lactose free.
Spirulina tablets 100g - organic
24.20 € 24.20 €
The tablets consists solely of spirulina microalgae powder from certified organic farming. They are vegan and naturally gluten, lactose and iodine free.
Classic Matcha powder - Organic
13.90 € 13.90 €
Endowed with energetic virtues, matcha promotes vigilance.
Poudre immunity mix - Bio
15.60 € 15.60 €
Vitamin C contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion.
Acerola powder - Organic
17.90 € 17.90 €
Acerola powder is rich in vitamin C and supports the immune system.
Elixir Protection, natural defenses, resistance - Bio
18.20 € 18.20 €
The Elixir Protection reinforces the natural defenses. Ideal for the changes of seasons.