Healthy products

Ghassoul Powder 1500grams
28.00 € 28.00 €
Ghassoul fine powder - Moroccan red clay for skin and hair cleansing.
06 Fleur de Bach Cherry Plum - Cherry Plum Organic Demeter
13.80 € 13.80 €
Bach Flower Remedies for your fears and uncontrollable thoughts.
01 Agrimony - Aigremoine Organic Demeter - Organic
13.80 € 13.80 €
Bach Flower 01 Agrimony Agrimony helps you regain a positive attitude.
Elixir de Jouvance Bio 100 ml
21.80 € 21.80 €
Elixir de Jouvence bio Biofloral - The union of tradition and scientific rigor to support your overall well-being.
Elixir de souplesse bio 100 ml
21.80 € 21.80 €
In today's hectic world, where physical activity is often intense or irregular, joint discomfort can quickly limit our daily well-being. This is where Biofloral's Elixir de Souplesse Bio comes in, designed to offer improved joint comfort thanks to a rich, natural formulation.
Physalis Bio Gouttes Panax ginseng 100ml
19.80 € 19.80 €
Physalis Panax Ginseng organic herbal drops support :
- physical and mental stamina
- in case of fatigue
Physalis Organic Calendula Officinalis Drops 100ml
13.00 € 13.00 €
Physalis Calendula officinalis organic plant drops - herbal food supplement: contributes to skin health and supports skin regeneration.
Physalis Bio HV Argan 100ml
19.60 € 19.60 €
Physalis organic Argan oil helps combat skin aging, care for hair and nails and protect the skin against extreme external influences.
Physalis Bio SY Immunity 10ml
12.70 € 12.70 €
It boosts your natural immunity thanks to a synergy of 11 essential oils. Physalis Immunity contains essential oils of ravintsara, niaouli, scots pine, eucalyptus radiata, tea tree, red and yellow thyme.
Physalis Bio Artiplex 75ml
17.50 € 17.50 €
Phyto + gemmo + aroma
Suppleness - joints
Food supplement: Physalis Artiplex bio contains devil's claw, blackcurrant, willow, turmeric and nettle, all of which contribute to supple, healthy joints.
Physalis Bio Vitalplex 75ml
17.50 € 17.50 €
A dietary supplement based on maca, ginseng, green tea, ginger, guarana and blackcurrant to boost vitality, reduce fatigue and increase energy.
Physalis Bio SY Green Detox 10ml
12.70 € 12.70 €
A synergy of 30 essential oils to purify your skin, air, living and working spaces.
It contains tea tree, saro, dill, spearmint, fennel and rose geranium essential oils.
21.80 € 21.80 €
Maintain your physical and mental vitality in the face of everyday challenges with Elixir de Vitalité.
Physalis Bio Cardioplex 75ml
17.50 € 17.50 €
A dietary supplement containing hawthorn, mistletoe and wild garlic, all of which are beneficial to the proper functioning of our vascular system.
17.20 € 17.20 €
Rediscover harmony and serenity with the power of Turmeric.
Physalis Bio Dormiplex 75ml
17.50 € 17.50 €
Food supplement: sleep + relaxation
Physalis Organic Digestplex 75ml
17.50 € 17.50 €
Physalis Digestplex Bio is a dietary supplement.
Organic Aloe Vera Jus
15.00 € 15.00 €
- Promotes digestion
- Maintains regular transit
- Boosts immunity