The object of the company GPH Diffusion, founded in 2003, is the manufacturing and packaging of food supplements of vegetable origin. Since moving to Magescq, on the Côte Landaise, in 2007, she is moving more and more towards an organic approach, selecting products from organic farming and changing her production methods to meet the requirements of organic regulations.

Acide hyaluronique
16.90 € 16.90 €
Powerful anti-aging. Against the signs of skin aging.
Pépin de courge
12.00 € 12.00 €
Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, from GPH Diffusion, helps the prostate function and promote urinary flow.
Thé Vert BIO
10.00 € 10.00 €
Tea leaves contain L-theanine, an amino acid which helps to relax the mind. It also has a beneficial effect on protecting and preserving the body's tissues against aggression, thanks to its high content of antioxidant plyphenols.
Charbon végétal
15.90 € 15.90 €
Vegetable carbon, also known as activated carbon, is derived from the carbonization of coconuts, olive stones or ash and poplar wood.
Aloe Vera juice 500 ml
12.90 € 12.90 €
Thanks to the vitamins and nutrients it contains, aloe vera juice is a source of well-being.
Autumn is the ideal time to take this cure, to prepare the body for the trials of winter.
What's more, aloe vera is an adaptogenic plant: it respects the body's internal balance, acting only when the body needs it.
Revivable brewer's yeast 320 mg
11.90 € 11.90 €
Brewer's yeast contains a whole range of vitality-boosting elements, such as proteins and vitamins. Its wellness benefits are exceptional.
Maca 500 MG
10.00 € 10.00 €
Maca bio in vegetarian capsules is a dietary supplement based on maca root, which is exceptionally rich in nutrients, equivalent to those found in cereals.
Organic Valerian
9.50 € 9.50 €
Valerian is a plant with well-known calming and sedative properties, often used to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as to improve sleep quality. If you're looking for a natural way to manage stress and anxiety, or to sleep better, Valerian bio 400mg 200 tablets from GPH Diffusion could be the solution you're looking for.
Organic Red Rice Yeast 600mg - 180 tablets
19.90 € 19.90 €
A box of 180 tablets of organic Red Rice Yeast (600 mg).
This medicine contributes to the reduction of the cholesterol level
Lavender essential oil - organic
6.30 € 6.30 €
Elle est fréquemment utilisée en parfumerie, en alimentaire et pour nettoyer, calmer et rafraîchir la peau grâce à ses larges propriétés antiseptiques, cicatrisantes et apaisantes