Supplements for focus and memory

GINKGOGEM - GC08 - organic
22.90 € 22.90 €
Improves concentration
Memory - organic - 30 capsules
18.90 € 18.90 €
Capsules with 100% organic essential oils including lavender sage which helps to keep a good memory and preserve cognitive abilities.
Concentration - Mémoire aux Fleurs de Bach - 20g – bio
6.90 € 6.90 €
Concentration and memory: it allows to mobilize the cerebral faculties, to find concentration and tonus.
An original cocktail of roots and invigorating fruits! The infusion concentration, memory and vitality helps you to mobilize your capacities of concentration, your faculties of memorization and gives you tonicity.
Elixir concentration, memory, vitality - Organic
19.20 € 19.20 €
The Concentration Elixir reinforces the physical, mental and intellectual state for an improved memory.
Inner Strength Tea - organic
6.00 € 6.00 €
Barley grass powder - organic
13.40 € 13.40 €
Barley grass powder is a concentrate of healthy nutrients: trace elements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll, fibers, essential amino acids...hence its reputation as a "Superfood".
16.90 € 16.90 €
For your heart and brain. These Omega-3s are extracted from the oils of cold-water oily fish such as salmon and halibut.
Tonic - organic
17.40 € 17.40 €
Plantes médicinales, l'échinacée est connue pour stimuler les défenses immunitaires, le ginseng comme tonique en cas de fatigue et le ginkgo pour améliorer les performances du cerveau.