Hands and feets

Foot Balm
8.00 € 8.00 €
Relaxes and refreshes tired feet

- Keeps feet dry and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness
- Prevents excess perspiration and slows down the formation of calluses
- Fresh scent of verbena and rosemary
Citrus Hand and Nail Cream
7.50 € 7.50 €
Protects brittle nails, takes care of dry and rough hands

- Nourishes and cares for dry and rough skin
- Cares for cuticles and thus promotes nail growth and health
- With the invigorating scent of citrus and verbena
Dead Sea Salt
4.00 € 4.00 €
These bath salts are extracted from one of the purest areas of the Dead Sea: the valley of Safi.
Castor oil - Organic
10.40 € 10.40 €
Castor oil strengthens damaged hair and nails.
Castor oil - organic
5.90 € 5.90 €
Hand balm SOS help
3.50 € 3.50 €
Immediately and durably soothes the pulling sensation of aggressed hands.
Rosehip oil - organic
13.90 € 13.90 €
Huile de rose musquée à laquelle on a ajouté de la vitamine E bio (0,2%) pour vous permettre de la conserver plus longuement. Idéal seule localement sur une peau mature, ou à problèmes. Pour un usage plus élargi, le plus souvent mélangée à de l'argan ou de l'huile de noyau d'abricot plus neutre car cette huile est puissante.
Castor oil - organic
6.20 € 6.20 €
Comfrey balm- organic
14.80 € 14.80 €
To nourish and protect the skin