body creams

Organic Aloe Vera Gel
14.60 € 14.60 €
This Organic Aloe Vera Gel, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, is a complete care product to be used on the skin before its day cream or after sun exposure.
Age protection Extra-Regenerative Firming Night Cream
23.90 € 23.90 €
Firm the skin, it promotes cell regeneration during the night. It is composed of organic sea buckthorn and natural hyaluron. Organic and vegan
Baume arnica a la silice - 50 ml - bio
12.30 € 12.30 €
The ideal balm to naturally soothe and heal daily injuries or sports injuries!
Aloe Vera juice - Organic
4.90 € 4.90 €
Propos'Nature Aloe Vera Juice contains over 99% fresh Aloe Vera juice known for its tensing, moisturizing, regenerating, protective and reparative properties.
Aloe Vera Cream - Organic
13.90 € 13.90 €
Rich in active ingredients known to quench, revitalize and soothe the skin, this cream is recommended for weakened and dehydrated skin.
Aloe vera gel in tube - Organic
11.00 € 11.00 €
This native gel of Aloe vera BIO is a fresh product of great quality. It is formulated with more than 97% of fresh Aloe vera leaf juice.
Recipe box, Face and body nutrition cream - Organic
19.90 € 19.90 €
The complete kit to make your own nourishing face and body cream.
"Lov'Aloe" cream - Organic
9.00 € 9.00 €
This smooth cream is ideal for revitalizing and soothing fragile skin. Aloe Vera also has virtues against burns.
Crème hydratante teinté 3 en 1 avec Q10 - Bio
9.00 € 9.00 €
Moisturize your skin while brightening the complexion with the 3 in 1 Tinted Moisturizing Cream.
Self tanning body lotion
11.00 € 11.00 €
Ideal for a natural tanned and radiant tone.
Pure aloe vera gel
12.40 € 12.40 €
The organic aloe vera gel is the basic natural care for face, hair and body. Very soft, it does not contain xanthan gum (no chemical transformation) but a 100% natural gum. The choice of this gum supports farming communities in Peru.
Calendula Cream - Demeter
11.90 € 11.90 €
Comfrey balm- organic
14.80 € 14.80 €
To nourish and protect the skin