Beauty & Care

Lubrifiant organic lubricant
11.00 € 11.00 €
Natural lubrication of the intimate area.
- Perfectly adapted to vaginal pH
- Suitable for daily use
- Promotes natural lubrication
Foli'Lavender Organic Cream 50ml
12.00 € 12.00 €
A subtle synergy of lavender hydrolate, macerate and essential oil, Foli'Lavande Bio Cream plunges you into the heart of Provence. Made at the foot of the Luberon with over 88% of active ingredients derived from Lavender, this gentle cream will appeal to lovers of the South.
Green Tea Lubricant
13.00 € 13.00 €
A product that can be used not only for massages, but also as a lubricant. The water-soluble, vegan green tea formula helps to quickly relieve tension and regenerate stressed skin. It is compatible with condoms and has no influence on the pH of vaginal flora.
18.90 € 18.90 €
Blue chamomile, also known as true chamomile, is an annual herbaceous plant that thrives throughout Europe. True chamomile can grow up to 50 cm tall and has white flowers with a distinctive fragrance. The dark blue color of the essential oil is created during distillation, when chamazulene is formed. Chamomile has been known as a medicinal plant since antiquity.
Primavera Organic Almond Oil
14.90 € 14.90 €
Soothing and protective for sensitive skin, as a gentle nourishing oil for the whole family. A must-have as a multi-purpose product in every bathroom. The ideal base oil for your own blends with essential oils.
Organic avocado oil
17.90 € 17.90 €
Cold-pressed avocado oil is particularly rich and therefore ideal for very dry, rough skin. It not only intensely cares for and moisturizes the skin, but also provides it with phytosterols, lecithin and fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D.
Dead Sea salt
4.00 € 4.00 €
These bath salts are extracted from one of the purest areas of the Dead Sea: the Safi Valley. A pure, natural salt, with no additives. Its natural composition contains all the essential minerals and trace elements already present in the Dead Sea.
Heat protection spray
9.50 € 9.50 €
Ideal for dry, tired hair and sensitive scalps, this moisturizing thermo-protective spray contains aloe vera juice, bamboo extract and natural betaine.
Organic toning moisturizer
19.00 € 19.00 €
Firming cream with natural ingredients ensures a natural, even complexion. While organic collagen gives the skin more tone, organic rose extract has a soothing effect and gives the skin a radiant glow.
Logone Fortifying scalp tonic
15.00 € 15.00 €
This tonic provides hair and scalp with precious ingredients from organic nettles and organic birch leaf extract. The probiotics it contains strengthen the skin's protective barrier and enable hair to grow stronger from root to tip. The neutral pH ensures a particularly gentle treatment.
Teint Frais & Rosé Age Protection Day Cream
24.40 € 24.40 €
LOGONA Fresh Rosé Complexion Firming Day Cream protects the skin and gives it a fresh, rosy glow. The high-quality, alcohol-free vegan formula with natural extracts, organic sea buckthorn & organic Damask rose, firms the skin and strengthens the skin's protective barrier. The cream with natural pink pigments offers a more even complexion and intensely moisturizes the skin.
Repairing shampoo & deep care
5.50 € 5.50 €
For tired, damaged hair. Improves hair structure, reduces split ends
Après-shampooing Rose Révolution
14.90 € 14.90 €
The revolution for your hair: instant detangling and silicone-free daily care.
Innovative repair complex with inulin and betaine moisturizes and facilitates detangling.
With the nourishing properties of the ayurvedic elixir khadi Rose Repair based on rose petals and Indian medicinal herbs such as Brahmi and Bhringaraj: rebuilds the hair shaft from within, provides long-lasting regeneration, suppleness and shine.
Traditional Ayurvedic formula + Haircare Hightech: 100% natural & vegan, without silicones or sulfates.
BS Shampoing Hydratation & amp; Soin
5.50 € 5.50 €
Basis Sensitiv Moisturizing Shampoo, a natural, vegan and effective formula that cleanses and moisturizes hair while caring for sensitive scalps.
Color shine & care shampoo
5.50 € 5.50 €
This shampoo has been designed for color-treated hair lacking shine and moisture.
Organic virgin evening primrose oil
10.80 € 10.80 €
The feminine oil par excellence! Anti-wrinkle and antioxidant, it remarkably limits skin aging. Used internally, it is known to combat hormonal hair loss and menstrual pain.
Neutral face cream - organic
13.50 € 13.50 €
Effective care ideal for people suffering from allergies.
Crayon à lèvres naturel rouge
3.00 € 3.00 €
Idéal pour redessiner le contour des lèvres !

Améliore la définition du contour des lèvres
Corrige et sublime
Vertus hydratantes