Les soins du corps

Pink Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
Ideal for sensitive skin. This mask will protect and remineralize your face.
Green Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
Ideal for combination to oily skin. This mask will hydrate, purify and mineralize your skin.
Black Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
Ideal for city dwellers and dull complexions, this mask will detoxify the skin and brighten your complexion.
Violet Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
This energizing fruit complex is ideal for tired skin lacking vitality. It is suitable for all skin types and naturally restores radiance.
Api'Propolis Face & Body Cream
17.10 € 17.10 €
Api'Propolis Bio cream is formulated in a laboratory in Provence and is recommended for all skin types, especially problem, dry and damaged skin.
Organic karanja skin care oil
22.60 € 22.60 €
This 100% natural skincare oil is concentrated in Karanja, a plant reputed to protect against the harmful effects of the sun.
Organic Tan Enhancing Oil
17.60 € 17.60 €
Sublimating Tanning Oil has a delicate fragrance and a soft texture. It spreads easily over the skin, while providing a pleasant fragrance.
Mild ginger body lotion
10.50 € 10.50 €
Urtekram Star Over Sweet Ginger Flower Body Lotion provides a long-lasting silky-smooth sensation, pampering your skin with natural oils, aloe vera and shea butter.
Gentle Ginger Shower Gel
7.00 € 7.00 €
Gentle shower gel with stimulating ginger extracts.
- For normal to dry skin
- Moisturizing care
- Refreshing, tangy fragrance
Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion
2.00 € 2.00 €
Envelops skin with a warm, sensual fragrance that stimulates the senses.
Promotes cell renewal, regenerates, firms and tones mature skin.
Rosehip Harmonizing Oil
2.00 € 2.00 €
A true beautifier, this body oil restores firmness, softness and velvety softness to the skin.
Gel Douche KP Arnica Sport
1.50 € 1.50 €
Weleda "Sport" Shower Gel offers a moment of well-being and freshness to help the body regain its energy after sport.
18.90 € 18.90 €
Blue chamomile, also known as true chamomile, is an annual herbaceous plant that thrives throughout Europe. True chamomile can grow up to 50 cm tall and has white flowers with a distinctive fragrance. The dark blue color of the essential oil is created during distillation, when chamazulene is formed. Chamomile has been known as a medicinal plant since antiquity.
Primavera Organic Almond Oil
14.90 € 14.90 €
Soothing and protective for sensitive skin, as a gentle nourishing oil for the whole family. A must-have as a multi-purpose product in every bathroom. The ideal base oil for your own blends with essential oils.
Organic avocado oil
17.90 € 17.90 €
Cold-pressed avocado oil is particularly rich and therefore ideal for very dry, rough skin. It not only intensely cares for and moisturizes the skin, but also provides it with phytosterols, lecithin and fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D.
Dead Sea salt
4.00 € 4.00 €
These bath salts are extracted from one of the purest areas of the Dead Sea: the Safi Valley. A pure, natural salt, with no additives. Its natural composition contains all the essential minerals and trace elements already present in the Dead Sea.
Organic virgin evening primrose oil
10.80 € 10.80 €
The feminine oil par excellence! Anti-wrinkle and antioxidant, it remarkably limits skin aging. Used internally, it is known to combat hormonal hair loss and menstrual pain.
Shower Shampoo for Babies & Children
10.50 € 10.50 €
To strengthen and care for babies & children's hair.