Organic essential oils

An essential oil (from the Latin essentia, "nature of a thing") is a concentrated extract of a plant's aromatic compounds. It is obtained by steam distillation, CO2 extraction or cold expression of the plant.

Distillation, the most popular production method, involves mixing the plant in water and heating the mixture to form steam. This essence-laden vapour is then collected and cooled to recover the essential oil.

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Blue chamomile, also known as true chamomile, is an annual herbaceous plant that thrives throughout Europe. True chamomile can grow up to 50 cm tall and has white flowers with a distinctive fragrance. The dark blue color of the essential oil is created during distillation, when chamazulene is formed. Chamomile has been known as a medicinal plant since antiquity.
Benecos organic Jojoba vegetable oil
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This body oil is particularly pleasant to spread and penetrates the skin quickly and easily, without leaving a greasy film. It particularly cares for dry areas and helps skin resist external aggressions.
Huile de jojoba Spring organic
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Cold-pressed jojoba oil is an oxidation-stable vegetable oil that cares for all skin types. It provides long-lasting hydration and promotes skin firmness and elasticity.
Organic basil
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L'huile essentielle de basilic exotique Primavera s'utilise en diffusion atmosphérique pour apaiser l'esprit et le fortifier, donner de l'enthousiasme.
Lemongrass bio - 10 ml
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L'huile essentielle de citronnelle Primavera confère le confort et le courage d'affronter et de résoudre les conflits. Elle apaise également les accès de colère.
Synergy of essential oils Escale en Provence - 10 ml
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Synergy of essential oils Escale en Provence 100% pure and natural.
Sweet Orange Essential Oils - 10 ml
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Sanitizing - Digestion And Intestinal Health - Atmospheric Diffusion - Emotional Balance
Vitamin D3 oil
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New Vitamin D3 Oil Supplement
Pure vegetable vitamin D3 from seaweed oil is blended with coconut oil.
Wild officinal lavender - Organic
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Wild Lavender's soft, floral aroma is particularly delicate. It is therefore best used for its psycho-emotional benefits and for skin care.
Holy basil Tulsi - Organic
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The holy basil or tulsi occupies a central place in Ayurvedic medicine. Its essential oil is known for its energizing action and its use on mature and blemished skin.
Cardero mother tincture - Organic
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The Cardère organic mother tincture from Ferme de Saussac helps to purify the body and is recommended for eliminating neurotoxins caused by tick-borne bacteria in Lyme disease.
Clove tree (essential oil of) - Organic
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Eugenia caryophyllus
True Lavender (essential oil of) - Organic
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Lavandula angustifolia ssp angustifolia
Amande douce (huile d') - Bio
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Prunus amygdalus - Première pression à froid des amandes, fruits de l'Amandier
Castor oil - Organic
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Castor oil strengthens damaged hair and nails.