Les Diffuseurs/ Sprays/ Roll-on

Organic Lavender Nasal Spray 15 ml
13.00 € 13.00 €
Propos'Nature Organic Green Propolis and Organic Lavender Hydrosol Nasal Spray has been formulated to deeply cleanse the nose. Its composition is reputed to be effective and gentle on sensitive mucous membranes.
Diffuseur Nomade Lanterne MADRID
49.90 € 49.90 €
Un diffuseur lanterne nomade avec poignée en cuir pour une utilisation intérieur et extérieur.
Diffuseur Connecté Prague
55.00 € 55.00 €
Create your own broadcast scenarios and save them in the application. The programming possibilities are numerous and will meet all your needs.
Ultrasonic diffuser - Volupsia
47.90 € 47.90 €
Ultrasonic diffuser - Elipsia
47.90 € 47.90 €
Designed in noble materials such as metal and bamboo.
Olaki Ultrasonic Diffuser
46.90 € 46.90 €
The Olaki ultrasonic essential oil diffuser breathes zenitude. Handcrafted in woven bamboo, it will revive your interior decoration with its natural side.
Set of 10 blotters for Clip'Arôme
2.60 € 2.60 €
This bag contains 5 blotters for Nomeo or Nomea nomadic ventilation diffuser. The replacement of the blotter is very simple and requires only a few seconds.
Set of 10 blotters for Clip'Arôme
4.90 € 4.90 €
To prolong the use of your CLIP'ARÔME diffuser, we offer you a bag containing ten additional blotters.
Pomegranate Roll-On Deodorant
7.00 € 7.00 €
Provides 24-hour protection against unpleasant odours, with a fresh, fruity fragrance.
Clip'Arôme - Tree of Life
10.90 € 10.90 €
- Diffusion by ventilation.
- Easy to use.
- Stainless steel and 5 blotters supplied.
Atlas Ultrasonic Diffuser
42.90 € 42.90 €
- Diffusion up to 40 m².
- Shock resistant shell.
- Cold diffusion.
- Its soft and cosy shape.
Ventilation diffuser - Nomea (white)
20.00 € 20.00 €
This fan diffuser is battery, USB or AC powered and is easy to take with you.
Programmable misting diffuser - Bolea
48.90 € 48.90 €
Modern and design, the Bolea nebulizer diffuser offers a quality and efficient diffusion and a multifunctional LED lighting.
Ultrasonic Diffuser - Jolisia
47.90 € 47.90 €
The Jolisia ultrasonic diffuser brings a warm and zen atmosphere to your home with its colored lighting and its diffusion of essential oils.
Soft Heat Diffuser - Calorya n°4
34.90 € 34.90 €
The Calorya soft heat diffuser is an excellent diffuser and brings a warm atmosphere to your home with its night light.
Mousti'Pic Spray (5 organic essential oils)
10.00 € 10.00 €
This anti-mosquito spray combines a double preventive and soothing action. It will be your ally during your summer evenings outside.