Digestion, and if you opt for the right gestures?

Nausea, bloating, belching, sluggish digestion, feelings of heaviness or gastric acidity are some of the discomforts present in your daily life? Digestive problems are, to this day, major problems of civilization and this, for multiple reasons.

Indeed, in recent years, the world has decided to move much faster, much too fast in fact, and we have entered a consumer society that no longer leaves us time for meals. It is not uncommon to come across an individual with a sandwich in one hand and a cell phone in the other, or a hastily prepared meal in between business meetings. Unfortunately, it is not only workers who are impacted by this lifestyle that no longer suits the body. Even when we stay at home, we turn on the TV when we sit down to eat or we stay glued to the computer to watch a video on YouTube or a series on a well-known website, all the while swallowing, sip after sip, the plate in front of us.

Is this the most optimal way to eat a meal?

Of course not! In the end, it's all about lifestyle habits and wellness. Easy to say? And yet, our lifestyle is the basis of everything! We have forgotten what this dietary and global hygiene of life is and what the custom of eating well is. The world is moving too fast and too much is being asked of us. Whether it is at the professional, personal or family level, it is as if the environment in which we live wanted to turn us into superheroes, thinking machines, machines to create and work. Change is the solution.

Before going to your pharmacist or doctor who will certainly give you this or that pill to ease your digestion or that syrup to soothe your stomach, think about your lifestyle.

How do you eat? Under what conditions? Who will accompany you? Are you satisfied with your meal? Do you think you are eating in a healthy place? All this is certainly not easy, especially if you eat in a community or if you have to share your meal with other people, like at your workplace for example.

Some keys to regain a healthy diet

  • We prepare our meal in advance with heart and passion. This will prevent us from running around at lunchtime to any snack bar or fast food restaurant (sandwich, burger, sushi, junk food, etc.).
  • We can also plan a menu for the week that will allow us to not spread ourselves too thin. Indeed, it is often when we don't know what to eat that we end up in a snack bar or eat food that is not healthy for us. Junk food is more often the result of poor organization. The "menu of the week" also allows you to shop thoughtfully and not buy too much or too little.
  • We plan a limited and fixed time to consume our meal, in peace and self-respect. Because eating while walking, working or reading is not beneficial for our digestion or for the assimilation of nutrients. Generally, when we go about another task during the meal, we tend to consume more, to consume too much and therefore to have digestive problems but also to put on weight.
    Allow at least 20min per meal.
  • We eat each bite properly. Again, it is not uncommon to find people who do not chew and let their stomach do all the work. Our mouth is a useful organ for digestion because it allows us to lighten the digestive work. Therefore, if you do not chew, there will be more digestive suffering.
  • Avoiding stimulating foods such as coffee, alcohol and tobacco

If, despite these new habits, your digestion is still suffering, it would be interesting to consult a naturopath to do a complete check-up of your emunctories as well as a general practitioner who can provide indispensable medical solutions.

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