White tea, an exceptional health drink

White tea is a tea prepared from the buds whose high content of antioxidants and vitamins as well as its low caffeine content make it an exceptional drink. Learn more about the benefits of white tea and why you should adopt this healthy beverage.

Le thé blanc, un thé d'exception

The white tea is special and delicate. It is indeed harvested as soon as the buds begin to open. After a time of withering in the open air to let the water evaporate, it is then dehydrated again this time in a hot air dryer. The quality of this 2-step process depends on the skill of the producer. 

Finally, the buds are sorted by hand and then packed. 

The name "white tea" comes from the fact that the most beautiful teas are silver buds. There are two main varieties: the Silver Needles and the Bai Mu Dan consisting of a branch of a bud accompanied by 2 or 3 leaves. 

Les vertus antioxydantes du thé blanc

The white tea is rich in natural antioxidants that participate in the fight against the harms of free radicals. Indeed, the latter accelerate cellular aging by oxidizing them. 

Where do free radicals come from? Oxidative stress: from a sedentary lifestyle, intensive sports practice, exposure to sunlight, denatured, processed and polluted food, poor oxygenation, lack of outdoor exercise etc...

The consequences of a cellular oxidation: premature aging of the skin, appearance of deep wrinkles, spots on the skin, cataracts, asthma, fatigue ...

Drinking white tea twice a day helps limit the damage of free radicals and protect cells from the effects of oxidative stress. 

Les bienfaits des tanins du thé blanc 

The white tea contains polyphenols (natural antioxidants of plant origin) including tannins (giving color to the drink) that act at different levels:

  • oral: the white tea avoids the formation of dental plaque by stopping the proliferation of bacteria (thanks also to its fluorine content) 

  • Digestive: tannins are astringent. They thus facilitate digestion.

Zoom sur les effets des catéchines du thé blanc sur votre santé

Catechins are natural molecules with antioxidant properties that help burn fat by boosting overall metabolism. The white tea is therefore an ally in a slimming diet and this, as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet adapted. 

Catechins also participate in good brain health and keep your cognitive functions in good condition. In fact, this antioxidant protects neurons from cellular oxidation and aging of your brain. 

Comment se préparer une tasse de thé blanc

The white tea is a refined tea that has undergone very little processing after plucking. This allows it to retain its nutritional and antioxidant qualities unlike other teas whose leaves are fermented or roasted. 

The white tea is therefore a delicate tea. To preserve its virtues, you should not cook it or plunge it into boiling water. Instead, it is advisable to let it steep for about ten minutes in previously heated water. 

Its caffeine content is lower than other teas. So, if you want to reduce your intake of this excitant, you can turn to white tea

To know: the white tea contains 15 to 20mg of caffeine per cup unlike green tea which contains 30mg and black tea 50mg.

Pour conclure...

White tea is sold in bulk or in ready-to-use bags. The "organic" certifications ensure quality and ethics of production, from cultivation to export. Indeed, by choosing to buy a brand advocating these values, the planet and all the people working in the manufacture of these teas thank you!

To conclude, white teais a refined tea that deserves to be recognized not only for its flavor but also for its many health benefits. Its antioxidant power makes it an exceptional health drink as long as its preparation respects its delicacy and fragility. 

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