Detox : how to clean your gallbladder naturally ?

 Gallstones can go unnoticed until a painful attack occurs. A high-fat diet, taking birth control pills, obesity are all factors that can lead to the crystallization of stones in your gallbladder. Before it's too late, a gallbladder detox will clean it out and improve your digestion (but not only!). Find out how to clean your gallbladder naturally.

Why do a gallbladder detox?

The gallbladder is a small organ located under the liver that stores and secretes bile produced by the liver to dissolve fats. Thus, during digestion, the gallbladder will emit small contractions in order to expel the bile into the small intestine. Bile is composed of water, minerals, pigments (bilirubin) and cholesterol. Stones or lithiasis form when the bile is too concentrated in cholesterol and bilirubin. Severe pain may occur, sometimes requiring an operation to remove the gallbladder. 


The liver and gallbladder detox allows you to take care of your organs and therefore your health and well-being naturally. Andreas Moritz is the creator of a gallbladder detox protocol that is well known in the field of natural health. He has written a book in which he details step by step the whole procedure, the benefits but also the risks and the conditions of execution: "The incredible cleaning of the liver and gallbladder". Its deep detox proposal allows the elimination of gallstones and excess cholesterol concentrated in the gallbladder. Indeed, these could obstruct the channels preventing the good passage of the bile towards the intestines.

When to do a gallbladder detox

From the moment you feel that you digest fats very badly, the detox of the gallbladder can be recommended to you. Moreover, according to the author of the method, all chronic diseases can find relief thanks to this detox of another kind. Indeed, we must not forget that in naturopathy, the liver is one of the most important emunctories with the kidneys. It is an outlet for various toxins. However, when it is tired by too much solicitation, it is not able to filter and eliminate correctly the various waste. This results in an accumulation of waste inside the body, thus favoring the appearance of chronic diseases. 

So, if you find yourself in the following cases, it might be worthwhile to look into the method of Andréas Moritz: 

difficult digestion: floating stools, digestive pain, heavy tongue in the morning, chronic constipation 

back pain

respiratory problems, mucus, sinusitis / chronic bronchitis 

food intolerance

mood disorders: depression, emotional instability, depression 

chronic fatigue

insomnia, night waking, disturbed sleep


The benefits of a gallbladder detox

The immediate effects of detox:

  • Improved digestion, especially of fats,

  • feeling of physical and mental lightness

  • Surgery avoided (to be verified by ultrasound)

Medium-term benefits:

  • relief of precipitous disorders

  • better complexion, clearer skin


The gallbladder detox: the protocol

This detox is quite spectacular! It is better to plan a quiet week, especially on day 7, which requires easy access to the toilet...  

Day 1 to 6: drink 1 liter of organic apple juice every day. The bile ducts will dilate thanks to the malic acid which also allows to soften the gallstones. Do not eat any fat. Prefer a vegetarian diet.

D6 : Epsom salt purge. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, a powerful laxative. 

In the evening, drink a mixture of olive oil and grapefruit juice to stimulate bile secretion

Day 7: purge again with Epsom salt and plan to stay home and have easy access to the bathroom.


This protocol should be repeated one to two months later until all stones are expelled. Andréas Moritz recommends regular maintenance every 6 months or even once a year depending on your lifestyle. 


This cure is effective and economical, but there are significant risks. Always refer to the advice of your doctor and why not take a consultation with a naturopath specialized in the Andreas Moritz protocol. If you are interested in this gallbladder detox, the book by Andréas Moritz explains the whole process step by step with all the details on the dosages, the times of intake etc...

Take care of yourself!

Alexia Bernard

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23 June, 2020

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24 May, 2022
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