Physalis Bio Artiplex 75ml

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Phyto + gemmo + aroma
Suppleness - joints
Food supplement: Physalis Artiplex bio contains devil's claw, blackcurrant, willow, turmeric and nettle, all of which contribute to supple, healthy joints.

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    Discover the power of plant synergies with Physalis Artiplex bio

    A natural concentrate formulated to support the suppleness and health of your joints.

    Product description

    Physalis Artiplex bio is an innovative dietary supplement based on a unique combination of hydroalcoholic plant extracts and essential oils. Specially designed for those seeking to maintain good mobility and care for their joints naturally, this product contains ingredients renowned for their beneficial properties, such as devil's claw, blackcurrant, willow, turmeric and nettle.

    Main ingredients of plant synergies with Physalis Artiplex bio

    Physalis Artiplex bio incorporates hydroalcoholic extracts of:

    - Devil's claw (25%)** : Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is widely used to soothe joint pain.

    - Blackcurrant (20%)**: A powerful anti-inflammatory, blackcurrant also helps reduce pain.

    - Willow (8.5%)**: Rich in salicin, a natural precursor of aspirin, willow is used for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

    - Turmeric (8.5%)** : Renowned for its ability to combat inflammation and promote joint health.

    - Nettle (8.5%)**: Used for its depurative and anti-inflammatory properties, nettle is excellent for joints.

    This formula is also enriched with hydroalcoholic-glycerine extracts of blackcurrant, wine vine, scrub pine and pubescent birch buds, as well as essential oils of mountain savory, rosemary and lemon eucalyptus, making Physalis Artiplex a highly active and complete complex.

    How to use plant synergies with Physalis Artiplex bio?

    For best results, we recommend taking 20 to 30 drops 2 to 3 times a day, diluted in water. Be sure to respect the recommended daily dose.

    Precautions for use plant synergies with Physalis Artiplex bio

    - Keep out of reach of children.

    - Do not exceed recommended dose.

    - This product is not a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    - Not for use by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

    - Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking anticoagulants.

    - Contraindicated for people under 18, or those suffering from gastric or duodenal ulcers or gallstones.

    How to store plant synergies with Physalis Artiplex bio

    Keep the product cool (max. 25°C), dry and protected from light to maintain its quality and efficacy.

    Physalis Artiplex bio is your daily ally for healthy joints, allowing you to move freely and without constraint. Enjoy the benefits of nature concentrated in every drop of this exceptional product. For more information or to discover other products, please visit our website or contact us directly. Cultivate your natural well-being with Physalis Artiplex bio!

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