Born of a strong belief that clay is a generous and beneficial material for the body, Argiletz offers innovative cosmetic treatments that it makes available to everyone.

Argiletz has been in existence for 50 years: the age of a true trailblazer who was able to uncover and bring to the attention of the general public the profound benefits of natural sun-dried illite green clay.

Argiletz loves clay, the real thing. The one that relieves the ills of the body and mind of everyone, the one that cements the links between peoples and traditions, the one that knows how to open the horizon of sharing preserved nature, for the best of an individual and collective future within a multicolored earth.

Green Clay, finely ground
4.90 € 4.90 €
Argiletz green clay is exceptionally rich in minerals to bring well-being to your body.
Green Clay - Superfine
4.80 € 4.80 €
Product unavailable
Green Clay - Superfine
8.60 € 8.60 €
Pink Clay - Ultra-ventilated
6.80 € 6.80 €
Green Clay granulated
10.90 € 10.90 €
Green clay paste in tube
11.40 € 11.40 €