dental and oral hygiene

Dentifrice Lov'Aloe Bio
5.00 € 5.00 €
Lov'Aloe Bio toothpaste limits bleeding and revives radiance.
With Lov'Aloe Bio toothpaste you'll discover the freshness of lemon and the softness of Aloe Vera.
Natural toothpaste tablets - Mint with fluorine
5.50 € 5.50 €
Toothpaste tablets, made with the finest natural ingredients. Vitamin B12 prevents deficiencies for a radiant smile.
Orange Toothpaste with Fluor
7.00 € 7.00 €
Orange toothpaste containing fluoride, to protect naturally against cavities.
Vegan Fluoride Toothpaste
7.00 € 7.00 €
This toothpaste with high-quality, naturally derived ingredients gives you long-lasting, strong, shiny teeth and healthy gums.
Toothpaste Gel with Vitamin B12 - Organic
6.40 € 6.40 €
For homeopathic dental hygiene without fluoride.
Toothpaste with Vitamin B12 - Organic
6.40 € 6.40 €
A toothpaste with a complex of active ingredients (dental tested).
Strawberry Toothpaste Gel "Happy Kids" - Organic
3.20 € 3.20 €
A strawberry toothpaste specially designed for children's baby teeth and new permanent teeth.
Sensitive Toothpaste with chamomile - Organic
4.20 € 4.20 €
A toothpaste to protect dental enamel and reduce pain sensitivity.
Rosemary & Herbs Toothpaste Gel without menthol - Organic
3.70 € 3.70 €
Menthol-free gel toothpaste for the care of sensitive gums.
Toothpaste with minerals & calcium - Organic
3.70 € 3.70 €
A gentle and refreshing toothpaste to clean your teeth with calcium and silica.
Corn starch dental floss - Bio
9.00 € 9.00 €
This vegan dental floss is made from compostable corn starch and is just as strong as traditional dental floss.
Bamboo Toothbrushes (Pack of 4) - Organic
14.00 € 14.00 €
Made of bamboo and nylon, this toothbrush effectively replaces a constant source of pollution: plastic toothbrushes.
Extra fresh Daily Care peppermint toothpaste
2.60 € 2.60 €
For long-lasting fresh breath.
Sodium bicarbonate (officinal) - powder
4.70 € 4.70 €
GPH's sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda or natron, is food-grade and synthetically manufactured. It's a versatile helper in the home and kitchen. It softens water and neutralizes acids and odors.
Organic Aloe Vera Clay Toothpaste
7.80 € 7.80 €
Argiletz Organic Aloe Vera Clay Toothpaste, made with illite green clay and organic aloe vera extracts, is rich in trace elements. It strengthens gums and oral flora and won't scratch enamel.
Toothpowder - Charcoal
7.20 € 7.20 €
The activated charcoal particles in this innovative tooth powder gently remove discoloration from teeth for a whitening effect.