Psoriasis: stop the red patches that flake off and itch.

Red inflammatory patches with sharp contours plus noticeable scaling and itching per attack? What if it's psoriasis? After confirmation from a dermatologist, certain rituals can be implemented to calm inflammatory flare-ups, relieve pruritus, and heal the affected areas.  

La peau, l'organe le plus vaste du corps humain

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and the heaviest. It represents a surface of 2m² for 4kg on average.

The skin is indicative of what is going on inside the body. Its condition gives indications of diseases or dysfunctions suffered by other organs.

Depending on the areas of the body, the skin will not have the same thickness: the heels will be thicker than the eyelids for example.  

Les 6 fonctions de la peau

Pour comprendre le psoriasis et autres dermatites, il faut tout d'abord se pencher sur les différentes fonctions de la peau. En effet, lorsque l'une d'elle est défaillante, cela perturbe l'équilibre général provoquant l'apparition de diverses affections cutanées telles que le psoriasis. 

  1. Protection: the skin protects the inside of the body from external aggressions: pathogenic germs, blows, burns, dehydration, heat loss...

  2. Maintien de l'hydratation : la peau est composée à 70 % d'eau. Dès qu'il y a une déshydratation, la couche superficielle de la peau (couche cornée) perd de son élasticité provoquant un assèchement de la peau. Lorsque celle-ci est correctement hydratée, la régénération des cellules de la peau est facilitée ce qui accroît son élasticité.

  3. Nutrition : pour nourrir la peau, il faut miser sur les acides gras. En effet, les lipides pénètrent les membranes cellulaires participant ainsi à la restauration de la fonction barrière de la peau. Ainsi, une carence en lipides affaiblit la fonction protectrice de la peau et augmente le risque de déshydratation. La peau s'assèche, perd de son élasticité et se fragilise. 

  4. Reproduction: old epidermal cells are replaced every 28 days by new cells.  

  5. Secretion: secretory glands can be eccrine (sweat glands not connected to a hair), apocrine (sweat glands) and holocrine (sebaceous glands). The latter 2 become active during adolescence although they have been present since birth.

  6. Elimination: the skin regulates body temperature by eliminating heat through sweat. In addition, it also has a purifying role by eliminating waste or toxins.

La peau et le psoriasis en naturopathie

In naturopathy, the skin is considered an emunctory, that is, a purifying organ. It is primarily called upon when the liver and kidneys, which are primary emunctories, are fatigued.

Thus, dermatological problems generally testify to a liver or kidneys overloaded in the elimination of glues and crystals respectively. The skin has this quality of being able to eliminate both types of waste at the same time, which nevertheless are not of the same nature. It will therefore take over the detoxification process. Then appear acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other dermatoses/oses...

The psoriasis would thus be the result of an overload of crystal-like waste.

L'alimentation, un rôle fondamental

As the body is overloaded with crystal waste, it is necessary to cut off the source until improvement or even disappearance of psoriasis symptoms.  The diet should thus be anti-inflammatory and promote:

  • fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables raw or lightly cooked, and 

  • essential fatty acids (olive oil, cold sea fish, seeds and oilseeds), 

  • les graines germées

  • les algues

  • une hydratation optimale

  • gluten-free cereals cooked right.

  • the legumes will be soaked for at least 24 hours and cooked well too.

  • red meat 2 times per week max.

  • aucun laitage

Que mettre sur une peau souffrant de psoriasis

The skin is sensitive. Be careful with soaps, prefer surgras soaps, cold process or even Marseille soap which contrary to what you might think is excellent for fragile skins. For the scalp, opt for a bio de shampoing with natural ingredients.  

To locally relieve inflammation and promote healing, you can opt for: To locally relieve inflammation and promote healing, you can opt for: To locally relieve inflammation and promote healing, you can opt for

  • Onager oil (capsule to be pierced directly on the area).

Pour les adultes, vous pouvez ajouter 1 goutte d'huile essentielle de Géranium Rosat qui accélèrera la cicatrisation.

Les compléments alimentaires et le psoriasis

To support the work of eliminating the crystals, to repair from within and to nourish the skin cells, it is advisable to make a cure:

  • détox detox: dandelion, lime sap, birch sap, burdock, cherry stem...

  • zinc

  • acides gras essentiels : oméga 3, huile d'onagre

  • vitamine D3

  • acide folique (vitamine B9)

  • probiotique

  • green clay: drink green clay water

Psoriasis et émotions

It is recognized that outbreaks of psoriasis occur following episodes of stress. It would be interesting to do awareness and emotional management work to prevent the onset of flare-ups. Psychotherapy, hypnosis, sophrology, relaxation and meditation are all practices that can act on the psycho-emotional sphere.  

Alexia Bernard 18 January, 2021
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