Libido, a global solution

Libido is something you run after when you have lost it...

It's a bit like running out of time. Nevertheless, this coveted libido is not an emotion or a feeling that we can look for as we would look for a key in our bag. Far from being something that can be recovered with a miracle recipe, a magic pill or a miraculous tea, the libido is the recipe and the result of a whole life hygiene as much emotional, physical and energetic. In this article, let's focus on the exclusively female libido.

Many women complain, sometimes secretly, of having lost their libido. The reasons can be many and very personal. Indeed, one woman is not the other and the feelings of each one with regard to a situation can be different.



The main and common causes of a lack of libido can be the following:

  • of a delivery
  • of an emotionally difficult moment
  • professional problems
  • menopause
  • the contraceptive pill
  • or any other hormonal method
  • and even a lack of vitality and energy that would lead to great fatigue.

Of course, the causes can be much broader than this draft list, as each case is different.



Achieving sexual fulfillment can be a long and winding road. Nevertheless, there is a similarity between each woman, a response that seems unique for each one: it is the reconnection to oneself, a reconnection to one's feminine power as well as a release of blockages. This path is not simple or linear. This reconnection to oneself requires a personal investment, a complete work of one's own inner strength.

"For anyone who wants to work with their own energy, it is necessary to know "the art of the bedroom." Whoever does not know the art of yin and yang will not be able to keep these two forces in harmony, and will be tired, exhausted and drained. And he will only be able to find his inner strength through tremendous effort" (Thomas Cleary, trans, Vitality, Energy Spirit, Shambhala, Boston, 1991) This saying is taken from the study of the tao of the woman.



Although the plant world can support and accompany women on the path of discovery, on the road to a sacred reunion with the libido, female sexuality must be seen as global. This is not a sex that simply needs to be boosted to fit the social norms of an accomplished woman.

The simplicity would like that one can find his libido with a massage with appropriate essential oils, to take herbal teas of such or such plant or to swallow 3 tablets every morning and every evening. But do you really think that these remedies, even natural ones, are the solution? That plants alone will act on the intimate sphere to allow you to find the Grail?

The plants that support women are diverse and varied. They can help on an emotional, energetic or physical path. Let us all have, in our natural pharmacies, ginseng, ylang-ylang, rose, schizandra, sage and raspberry. But although they are friends of the woman, they do not allow the resolution of all the evils causing this drop in libido. Indeed, a woman is a global being who needs to take into consideration all her history and experience.

Dear woman, what is your sexual history? How was it experienced during your childhood? How would you define sexuality? How do you feel today about your body? How was your first carnal contact? Do you have any precious memories of it? What is your relationship with your body? So many questions that lead to the discovery of the self.

These questions raise certain issues, but they are important for every woman who wants to live a fulfilled sexuality.

Think about it too: losing your libido momentarily is neither taboo nor serious. This happens to every woman at some point in her life and seeing your body as a sacred temple makes you a holistic person who needs to be understood as a whole.

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