How do we find a balance for our children's health?

According to the ONE (Office de la naissance et de l'enfance, Belgium) and the WHO (World Health Organization), the rate of childhood obesity in Belgium is 7% and an obesity epidemic is expected by 2030. Indeed, an obese child is much more likely to become an obese adult, with all the problems that this causes, namely cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Childhood obesity is not to be taken lightly because the health risks are present and unfortunately, increasing.

Parents today must take action and put in place various things for the well-being of their children. In order to avoid heavy treatments in adulthood as well as long-term health problems, it is from childhood that action should be taken.

Putting a child on a restricted diet? Certainly not! Today, we are well aware that other elements must be taken into consideration.


The era of multiple screens

When they come home from school, many children are running to the screens of their tablets, phones or TV. This inertia destroys them little by little because as we all know : You need to find a balance between calories consumed and calories expended. Therefore, no or insufficient physical activity can lead a child to obesity from an early age. In addition to the harm of screens on the brain of our young children, the risk extends to overall health.

Think about finding a nice sporty alternative, all in harmony, for the balance of your children. There is no need to do 5 hours of intensive sports per week. Sometimes, beautiful parent-child walks can bring extraordinary benefits to both.


Avoid bubbles and sugary sodas

Habits formed at an early age, sometimes, are not ideal. Indeed, the only drink that should be allowed for a child is, except for breast milk, water. No bubbles or sugary sodas should go into a child's mouth. These drinks are sugar concentrates that cause a child to consume even more sugar. Moreover, these fizzy and sweet drinks do not hydrate our body at all. The cells are deprived of hydration and fed with sugars that are harmful to their health and growth. Don't forget the dental caries concerns that this can cause as well.

A soda-fed child has a significant risk of becoming an overweight adult.[/quote]

Diet drinks are also not recommended because they are even more dangerous. Indeed, these activate a certain secretion of insulin which causes a drop in glycemia and thus the activation of an urge to eat, to snack, to eat sugar. Offer your children only water: an ideal healthy, purifying and hydrating source.


Finding a balance for our children

Children are the first to want to indulge in snacking, sometimes at any time of the day. Two snacks are offered to the children: the 10:00 a.m. snack at school and the 4:00 p.m. snack when they return from the school day. Then, in front of the TV, very often, on the knees are packets of chips or candy quickly emptied.

Is it really necessary? A child who eats properly at different meals should not be hungry at other times of the day. The caloric overload is far too great. Coupled with a lack of physical activity due to the appearance of screens leads the child towards the same risk: that of a certain obesity.

When it comes to snacks, offer children fruit or vegetable sticks instead, which will be healthier for their growth. Nevertheless, don't deprive them of everything because frustration can also lead them to some suffering. The ideal is to find a perfect balance for the well-being and health of children.

Of course, despite the impeccable hygiene of some children, overweight can appear. At this point, it is important to consult a nutrition specialist or a doctor who can take care of the child as soon as possible to understand the mechanism and the metabolism.

Let's take care of the generations to come.

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