Geobiology: an important factor in the health of everyone!

Is your bed in the right place?

Geobiology studies the influences of the Earth and the environment on all living things: humans, animals, plants... and for us human beings, the "living place" is precisely the focus of this concern.

Indeed, each square meter of our planet can potentially be a source of harm from various waves, of natural or artificial origin. Sitting on these sites for long periods of time, for example, or worse, sleeping on them, can be very harmful to your health.

Science and medicine have moreover confirmed, with epigenetics, that the environment has a real influence on our genes. It was therefore essential to put "living spaces" back at the center of global health.

And it is precisely thanks to geobiology that each of us can consciously reduce our exposure to these dangers, not only by locating the harmful locations in order to avoid them, but also by locating the favorable locations to recharge our batteries.

Geobiology: the ancients knew

In the Vᵉ century B.C., Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, gave an important place to diet, but in his "Treaty of the Airs, Waters, and Places," he gave an equally important place to the influence of place on the health of living things.

Thus, ancient wisdom already considered the nature of the subsoil as an integral part of the principles of health and as a prerequisite for healing.

In the same way, the Ancients obviously took these influences into account during their constructions because they knew their importance; the major buildings were built on these principles!

Nature and animals know.

Animals, generally more instinctive than we are, will never place themselves on areas that are harmful to their health.

It is only when they come into contact with humans that some of them fall into "unhealthiness", especially because it is the human who defines their sleeping or resting place.

These locations are usually assigned arbitrarily, without regard to beneathground influences, and solely on the basis of convenience, such as the location of the dog's bed, the small pet's cage, the horse's stall, or the hive for the bees.

Thus, some pathologies can occur as a result of choosing an inappropriate location for the animal; they are in fact directly related to these waves that attack their bodies.

The same goes for nature or a garden. An ornamental or fruit tree or a houseplant in the wrong place will never be green or really prosperous and productive, in a natural way...

What waves are we talking about?

Generally, harmful waves are classified into two categories:

  • Telluric waves, usually of natural origin, originating from the Earth.
  • Artificial electromagnetic waves created by humans.

Other active sources exist and can be experienced in an unpleasant way, such as the memory of places or the memory of walls, but this subject will not be discussed in this article.

Telluric waves in geobiology

These waves are called "telluric" becausethey come from the Earth. Starting from the basement, sometimes even from its depths, they rise to the sky.

Being in the vicinity of these waves, and staying there for a long time, is harmful for humans, as well as for most living beings.

However, our way of life, more sedentary than in the past, leads us to stay longer in the same places, whether it is our home or our workplace. Thus, a bed, a sofa or a desk badly placed will imply hours of nuisance radiating on our body, throughout a day, a year, even a lifetime...

Some examples of phenomena that generate telluric waves:

  • Subsurface water circulations:the water creates friction with the walls and the resulting electrical potential difference "stresses" the cells.
  • Flaws or ground discontinuities: they generate a larger release of gamma radiation at the surface.
  • Networks that grid the Earth (such as the Hartmann network, the Curry network, etc.): on the intersection of these networks the areas are disturbed and disturb the living beings at their vertical.

Here, for example, is the impact that an underground water flow had on a tree that grew upright: it had to split in two to protect itself from it and try to escape it!

A human cannot "separate". On the other hand, he could move away from such a place; but without being aware of this influence, with for example his bed at the level of the underground water circulation, he would permanently suffer the aggression of these waves coming from the basement until, potentially, to damage his health. And living on the tenth floor of a building would not change anything because these waves are active on all floors!

.... But that's not all!

The electromagnetic waves.

To these natural telluric waves are added the artificial electromagnetic waves created by man, in our current world where everything is "connected", and paradoxically often disconnected from the relationship to Nature, to the Earth and to the Ancient Wisdoms!

The impact of the airwaves has been known for a long time but has struggled to be recognized, exposed, and publicized. The different waves, of different natures, unfortunately do not only add up, but they accumulate between them in an exponential way.

Many recent scientific studies have shown that electromagnetic fields affect living organisms, and at exposure levels well below international limits; unfortunately, governments and world bodies are slow to put in place legislation that could protect living beings.

However, the precautionary principle in this matter should be applied in order not to exhaust the "wave capital" of all. It is indeed important to avoid creating the tipping point into states of malaise, chronic symptoms, and eventually electro-hypersensitivity or other often burdensome pathologies.

It is therefore urgent to become aware of this "cocktail of aggressions" against which our body is constantly fighting and which decreases its resistance, little by little; becoming aware of it is the starter that allows us to take action by reducing our exposure to harmful substances of all kinds ... to avoid tipping over its tolerance threshold, and not depleting our "health capital" before its time!

These wise reflexes are all the more relevant and to be considered seriously for fetuses, babies and children who are in full development and therefore much more fragile, more permeable to the outside, and in particular to waves.

Geobiology, for whom? ... and why?

  • For all living beings! ... whether it flies, crawls, grows in the ground, walks on 2 legs, 4 legs or more ... and without moderation!
  • For all those who wish to live in a healthy habitat and preserve their health.

We all have a responsibility in the choice of the place we give to our 2 or 4 legged friend, to our plants, but also in the choice of the location of our own bed!

Indeed, the body, during its sleep phase is supposed to regenerate and repair itself. How can it do this properly and effectively if most of its energy is used tofight telluric and electromagnetic aggression?

Geobiology in your daily life: take action!

To date, as there are no detection devices concerning telluric waves; the technique of sensitive detection, employed since the dawn of time, is the one that allows the localization of nocities.

You will find practical exercises to learn the basics and to succeed with the detections by yourself, in the practical manual :

GEOBIOLOGY BY YOURSELF, HERE WE GO! Eva Dolezel, ed. Jouvence, October 2018

... as well as tips and tricks that are easy to implement to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields!

To finish and extend your action to a global health, the 10 HYGIENE PRINCIPLE will accompany you in an overview of wellness attitudes and warnings in relation to other potentially harmful substances to health, such as those found in cleaning products, cosmetics, room fragrances, VOCs, etc.

What will be the quality of your .sleepwhile sleeping among these 17 different harmful things that can be identified in a bedroom?

The numbers each represent a potential harm in the bedroom; some juxtapose and some overlap...

Source: Geobiology by yourself, let's go! Eva Dolezel, ed. Jouvence, October 2018


Jobs of the past, jobs for our Future... and our future Health !

In summary, by the influence of the Earth and the environment, everyone is concerned: so it's up to us to play to decrease the exposure of the greatest number!

Today, still too few health professions (doctors, therapists, ...) or construction and building professions (architects, builders, ...) take into account these telluric and electromagnetic influences potentially damaging to health and it's a shame ...

but the call is out! ... who is going to participate?

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