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"Today, more than 150 million people are estimated to have sleep disorders. This is a serious situation that affects men as much as women. To fight against these problems, prefer natural solutions to chemical medication: Aromatherapy can improve the quality of your nights. So why deprive ourselves of effective solutions? "
Insomnia, nightmares, nighttime awakenings and stress are all things that can upset sleep. These disorders often push us into a vicious circle of anxiety and nocturnal phobias. This causes extreme stress and fatigue. Some people panic just by imagining the night ahead.

These numerous disturbances have a real impact on our daily life and especially on our organism which is then disturbed. Attempts to harmonize and balance the body work for a while, but with wear and tear, the body becomes tired and leads us to illness or even depression. Thanks to the amazing capacities of essential oils, we will be able to help our body adapt and balance itself little by little.

True lavender - Lavandula angustifolia

If you had to have only one, it would be this one. Indeed, true lavender, by its deep and flowery smell, will take you without stopover in the country of the relaxation and the relaxation. From the Lamiaceae family, true lavender is composed of a perfect chemical harmony whose main compounds are the esters which are the soft molecules of aromatherapy. Therefore its psycho-emotional capacities are very interesting because they impact on the nervous system by acting as a natural relaxant or tranquilizer. Mainly used in olfaction (and diffusion), its action on sleep disorders will be very positive.

For children over 6 months, we recommend applying a drop of true lavender essential oil on the blanket.

In addition to its actions on the emotional sphere, lavender also has other interests on the physical body.

Note that Lavandula vera is the wild form while Lavandula officinalis is the cultivated form. Their effects are identical.

The fight against insomnia

Insomnia is a very common disorder that is expressed differently from person to person. Also depending on your personal condition, it will be wise to use one or the other essential oil. For example, garden marjoram will be suitable thanks to its overall sedative and nerve calming action. It will provide a sense of comfort and serenity. A drop on the solar plexus will be enough to facilitate sleep and bring a deep sleep.
In a softer register, a few drops of red mandarin essence and petit grain bigarade essential oil in your diffuser could soothe your evenings.
Roman chamomile, on the other hand, will have quite an emotional impact. Thanks to its soft and particular fragrance, it refocuses and prevents the little bike from working too hard. It will then be ideal for people who think too much or who have had a stressful day.

Let's not forget the power of hydrolats

Floral waters, which are by-products of the distillation of essential oils, are safe. Much milder but still very effective, they contain only a very low concentration of aromatic compounds. True lavender, orange blossom or Roman chamomile, add them to your evening tea. A small teaspoon will be enough to prepare your body for a serene night.

Here is an ideal aromatic routine for your relaxing evenings

  • After a hot bath, relax with a self-massage with essential oils.
  • Apply two drops of Ravintsara essential oil on your solar plexus, its neuro-tonic properties will then promote your sleep.
  • Adopt an evening ritual. Move your smartphones away, grab a book and turn on your essential oil diffuser. A few drops of a very relaxing citrus essence, for about ten minutes, will be enough to induce a good sleep.

An herbal tea, a cozy bed, an evening meditation and Morpheus will quickly be there to take you to the land of sweetest dreams.
Soon your war against sleep will be a distant memory.

Vanessa Colant 5 May, 2017
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