After 35 years of existence, the company continues to develop with nutritional supplements from natural organic and vegan raw materials, if possible from regional crops. 

Vitamin D3 oil
24.90 € 24.90 €
New Vitamin D3 Oil Supplement
Pure vegetable vitamin D3 from seaweed oil is blended with coconut oil.
Spirulina powder 125 g - organic
22.90 € 22.90 €
The powder consists 100% of spirulina microalgae powder and is certified according to Naturland standards. Naturally gluten and lactose free.
Spirulina tablets 100g - organic
24.20 € 24.20 €
The tablets consists solely of spirulina microalgae powder from certified organic farming. They are vegan and naturally gluten, lactose and iodine free.
Vitamin D3-Plus
24.90 € 24.90 €