Organic food for culinary traditions from all over the world because every country has its own culinary traditions and typical dishes. Arche Naturküche thus offers all the ingredients for those who want to try their hand at international cuisine.

The raw materials are researched and selected, in order to guarantee tasty and quality food. A distinguishing factor is the careful control of the manufacturing processes, to ensure that the "ecological" label is really true.

Bamboo Matcha Whisk
18.00 € 18.00 €
Bamboo whisk for stirring and whisking matcha tea
Matcha, fine powdered tea
16.00 € 16.00 €
Matcha: intense green color with a fresh, aromatic flavor.
Sea spaghetti - organic
5.20 € 5.20 €
Arche Spaghetti de mer dried brown seaweed has a delicately spicy aroma. A delicious addition to salads, soups, omelettes, stews and pancakes.
Arrowroot - organic
17.80 € 17.80 €
Arrowroot starch is extracted from the plant's rhizome to produce a highly digestible flour that can be used as a food additive (thickener, vegetable binder, from around 65°C), a basic ingredient in pastries and confectionery ("bonbons à la rouroute"), and a regulator of intestinal function in cases of diarrhea.
Sea salad - organic
7.00 € 7.00 €
Arche Sea Salad is made from dried seaweed with a finely spiced aroma. A delicious addition to salads, soups, omelettes, stews and pancakes. Gives sauces and condiments for fish or poultry a refined aroma.
Guar seed flour - organic
5.00 € 5.00 €
Guar gum is a high-protein, vegetable binder and thickener (from the seeds of the guar legume) that works well both hot and cold. Ideal for desserts and cold dishes, as well as hot dishes such as soups, sauces, egg-free soufflés and vegetable preparations.