Creams for Face care 

Organic Aloe Vera Gel
14.60 € 14.60 €
This Organic Aloe Vera Gel, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, is a complete care product to be used on the skin before its day cream or after sun exposure.
Neutral face cream - organic
11.90 € 11.90 €
Effective care ideal for people suffering from allergies.
Pur'Immortelle Night Cream - organic
19.80 € 19.80 €
Thanks to its richer and more nourishing texture, it is suitable for a night care. Its ingredients are known to smooth wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.
Pur'Immortelle Day Cream - organic
14.90 € 14.90 €
Rich in hydrolate and essential oil of Immortelle, vegetable oils of Argan and Evening Primrose as well as hyaluronic acid, the day cream smoothes wrinkles and restores elasticity to the skin.
"Age Protection" Day cream
21.20 € 21.20 €
Protects and cares for your skin all day long.
Aloe Vera juice - Organic
4.90 € 4.90 €
Propos'Nature Aloe Vera Juice contains over 99% fresh Aloe Vera juice known for its tensing, moisturizing, regenerating, protective and reparative properties.
Aloe Vera Cream - Organic
13.90 € 13.90 €
Rich in active ingredients known to quench, revitalize and soothe the skin, this cream is recommended for weakened and dehydrated skin.
Aloe vera gel in tube - Organic
11.00 € 11.00 €
This native gel of Aloe vera BIO is a fresh product of great quality. It is formulated with more than 97% of fresh Aloe vera leaf juice.
Recipe box, Face and body nutrition cream - Organic
19.90 € 19.90 €
The complete kit to make your own nourishing face and body cream.
Mint Scrub Gel - Salicylic Acid
8.90 € 8.90 €
Gently refreshes and refines the skin texture.
Re-active face cream
19.90 € 19.90 €
Face cream 5 % urea No.7
12.90 € 12.90 €
La Crème - Adaptarôm
36.60 € 36.60 €
Adaptarôm - Répare et nourrit intensément la peau du visage, de jour comme de nuit.
Self tanning face cream
10.00 € 10.00 €
Give a tanned, natural and uniform tone to your skin.
'Basis Sensitiv' Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream Q10
12.00 € 12.00 €
Effective against the first signs of aging!
Pure aloe vera gel
12.40 € 12.40 €
The organic aloe vera gel is the basic natural care for face, hair and body. Very soft, it does not contain xanthan gum (no chemical transformation) but a 100% natural gum. The choice of this gum supports farming communities in Peru.
Natural BB-Cream 8 in 1 fair
6.00 € 6.00 €