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The rate depends on the shipping mode. For any purchase above 20€ of products a discount of 1€ per 10€ additional order (excl. taxes and voucher) is offered to you (i.e. 1€ discount for a 31€ order, 4€ discount for a 62€ order). This discount is integrated into the delivery costs when ordering.
Packaging costs of 1€ are added to all orders below 10€, excluding taxes and voucher. These costs are integrated into the delivery costs when ordering.
Choose the country of destination below to see the base rates (without discount or packing costs). If your country does not appear or does not propose delivery costs, please contact Santi-shop.


Shipping weight - Volumetric or dimensional weight - Billed weight.

When ordering, all parcel weights shown are estimated weights.

  • Shipping weight: the physical weight of the package as indicated by a scale. It includes the weight of the products plus the weight of the packaging material.
  • Volumetric or dimensional weight: theoretical weight used by the carriers based on the volume of the package and equal to the volume in cm3 divided by 5000.
  • Billed weight: the largest of the two weights above.

This means that the billed weight when sending light and bulky products will always be greater than the package weight.

The volumetric weight is used by all carriers except Delivengo and Colissimo in most EU countries.

Updated on 01/05/2020.