Soils of GMO crops are depleted

Recent studies reveal that grains or seeds from GMO crops are significantly depleted in nutrients, but that's not all... They also uncover that the soils themselves are affected by the type of cultivation that takes place.

Thus soils on which non-GMO corn is grown were found to have much higher mineral levels, presumably because they were not sprayed with glyphosate, which seems to be a real nutrient stealer.

Mineral saturation rates are used to assess the nutrient density of a soil. Soil saturation rates for non-GMO crops were evaluated as follows:

  • Carbon: 30 times higher
  • Sulfur: 14 times higher
  • Manganese - Iron - Cobalt - Boron - Molybdenum: 7 times higher
  • Zinc and Copper: 6 times higher

On the other hand, measurements revealed dangerously toxic levels of many chemicals such as chlorides and formaldehyde that are the consequence of a blockage of the carbon dioxide metabolism process due to spraying with glyphosate. In fact, glyphosate is a chelator of essential nutrients. This means that it removes nutrients from the crops it is sprayed on. Experts agree that this herbicide disrupts normal plant enzymatic processes, which would result in the formation of formaldehyde.

The most frightening finding is that this phenomenon occurs regardless of the plant species (corn, soybean(e.g., canola, cotton, sugar beets or alfalfa) sprayed with glyphosate. This would result in a long-term insidious contamination of all foodstuffs with formaldehyde.

That's what's got some moms all over America worried about their children's nutrition and future.

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Carol Panne 7 May, 2015
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