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Une cure de jouvence qui fait envie

Almost everyone has realized that the secret of a long and energetic life does not lie in the concept of kilo-calories, which is now completely obsolete. Thus, low-calorie diets appear not only as very restrictive but also as totally useless.

There is no need to eliminate all saturated fats to regulate your weight or to eat low-fat foods, but above all, remember to balance all fat intake. All this, knowing that saturated fats are essential for the body to synthesize cholesterol and that cholesterol itself is a absolutely vital to the functioning of the hormonal system and your nervous system.

  • In order to balance your fat intake, opt for organic or organic quality animal products as well as from time to time for very good quality fish and also for coconut oil.
  • So get rid of the energy bars, protein supplements or low-fat products and your body will be better off. If you want to have a treat, eat organic dark chocolate which will not only have a positive effect on your mood, but also on your blood pressure. Think of the real deception that involves the myth of whole grains making you a future obese or diabetic.
  • You should know that there is no such thing as a healthy burger, even if it is organic... or even if it is entirely plant-based.
  • As you know, soy extracts are used in dietary supplements to regulate female hormonal disorders, so it seems logical that all foods that contain them could act as endocrine disruptors, with the exception of fermented soy products.
  • Synthetic sweeteners and energy drinks are not the solution to find eternal youth and the figure of your dreams. On the other hand, green tea or Oolong tea (black dragon tea) will do this very well as it really stimulates the metabolism and contributes to weight loss and fat burning. Forcing the body to burn fat provides an energy boost while preventing inflammation and lowering the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease or any other degenerative conditions.
  • Incorporate unprocessed fruits and vegetables into your diet, whether eaten raw, in juices or smoothiesThis will allow you to wake up every morning full of energy, more than a good coffee or a good alcohol.

Even if the change takes you a few months, you will not deprive yourself of anything, you will not be hungry, just like your vital energy, your physical condition will improve and your silhouette will be refined. And if you combine all this with a bit of exercise and regular detox through diet or sauna, chances are friends who haven't seen you in a long time will ask you what your rejuvenation secret is.

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Carol Panne
23 December, 2015
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