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Non à la digestion nocturne!

At the end of the year, we are almost all accumulating stress, whether professional or private, as well as the events of the last few months. The cold and the winter season are slowly coming, which does not help our state of fatigue. Moreover, we deplete our energy reserves little by little and the end of the year is always the most complicated because we often have difficulty sustaining our vital energy and especially, to conserve it.


Our vital energy is however essential in this season

When you leave for work, it's dark and when you get home, it's just as dark unfortunately. Some of us never see the light of day and risk being carried away by a general malaise. This state of fatigue and seasonal depression takes us into a state of fatigue that is sometimes insurmountable.

Taking care of your sleep is therefore the first solution to feel better and in better shape to counter these winter meanderings. It is therefore not uncommon to meet people who do not emphasize this sleep hygiene, which is nevertheless important.


Sleep hygiene first

What is important to understand about sleep hygiene is that this time of rest is very useful for our body. The night is useful to us. Indeed, during the night our body has several functions:

  • It regenerates
  • He is resourcing himself
  • It evacuates the stress of the day
  • It memorizes everything it has learned during the day: lessons, new instructions from work, information from the last book read, etc.
  • It allows our immune system to develop
  • It allows the growing child to grow properly thanks to the growth hormones that are released. Note therefore the importance for a child to get enough sleep and go to bed at a reasonable time. The night watches are totally discouraged for young children, except in cases or exceptional evenings of course.
    Note that a newborn sleeps between 16 and 19 hours per day and that this decreases gradually over the years.
  • It solves the problems of the day. Don't they say "the night brings advice"? The brain is therefore very active during the night.
  • It cleans itself
  • He purifies himself

Here is the proof that the body, at night, is very active and therefore it does not have a second to....digest!


No to nocturnal digestion!

And yes, eating too late prevents us from getting a good night's sleep because the body can't handle digesting our meal and everything else it has planned to do at night at the same time. Therefore, we really advise to have an evening meal at least 2 hours before bedtime. Also, having a lighter menu than at lunch would not overload both digestion and sleep.

Drinks should also be reviewed, as we should avoid drinking drinks that are too diuretic, which would wake us up at night, as well as drinks that are too exciting at night, which would prevent us from falling asleep. Let's avoid black tea, green tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, sodas with too much sugar because sugar is a strong excitant. Prefer a lavender or orange blossom tea and of course pure water.

Implementing a healthy lifestyle as explained here is not easy for everyone. Think of people who have very long working hours or night workers who do not have the opportunity to establish sleep routines. Life is not easy and this is unfortunately the mirror of a consumer society that pushes us into abuse and into "always more".

Some of you may not have the opportunity to change, but for all the others, remember one thing: "Excess is bad for everything". So take a break, lighten up your day and enjoy this long-awaited evening, the light meal you are about to enjoy and this important night's rest.

Vanessa Colant
6 December, 2016
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