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Les super-aliments pour un max d’énergie

In the air, in the plates, in society... Our modern world clearly favors this chronic fatigue, by all the physical and psychic aggressions that it imposes on us.

Everything is always moving very fast and we try to adapt to this speed. What could be more convenient than a delicious little dish prepared and put in the microwave quickly? Why waste our precious time cooking when we can save it for being tired? Well, simply because these denatured foods don't do us any good! Our food is our fuel. Generally too rich in salt, sugar, bad fats and added substances (coloring agents, preservatives...) and too poor in fiber and nutrients, our diet is absolutely not adapted to our needs and favors our constant state of fatigue.


Don't be surprised if you get a big rush after your deliciously sweet breakfast and morning coffee. These two false and exciting allies will certainly give you a peak of energy, at first, but the fall will be all the harder: exhaustion guaranteed, once the effect is over. The same goes for the fatty, sweet and salty meal (the three are often combined in prepared meals and other fast foods) at lunchtime: your body will need all its energy to digest these complex elements. Digestion can take up to 80% of our energy! If fatty and denatured foods are undeniably detrimental to your energy, the following superfoods can, on the contrary, help you regain natural vitality!


Sprouted seeds

sprouted grains

Sprouted seeds are an incredible source of energy. What could be more natural, finally, since these small seeds have the essential to give life to a tree or a plant. During germination, a process of natural predigestion is set up: the nutritive substances are reduced in smaller units (carbohydrates in simple sugars, for example) and toxins and acids which slow down the digestion of cereals and leguminous plants are reduced, even eliminated, facilitating the digestion; the content of minerals and vitamins is multiplied; the chlorophyll present in certain seeds allows a better oxygenation of blood and purifies the organization Easy to make and inexpensive, it is a real source of energy!


Maca powder

Maca is a root that grows in the Andes, in Peru. Also called Peruvian ginseng, maca is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This root raises resistance to stress. It brings energy without any exciting effect, while stimulating the immune functions and the hormonal system. Why not simply add it to your morning smoothies to start the day?


The chia seed

chia seed


The chia seed is very rich in alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and contains three times more than linoleic acid (omega-6). It is also a source of many antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber and calcium. Sprinkle it on your salads and vegetables or add it to your smoothies. The Aztec warriors already consumed these fabulous seeds to gain endurance and strength. What a great boost for you!

The Goji berry

goji berry

The Goji berry is a very complete superfood. Very rich in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins B, E and C and full of trace elements, its benefits are numerous. It helps eliminate fatigue and increases exercise tolerance, stamina and endurance. It also stimulates the secretion of HGH, the human growth hormone also known as the youth hormone, which results in better sleep, accelerated healing, improved memory and a boost in libido! The Goji berry really has it all.

These few superfoods are easy to find and incorporate into your eating routines. Combined with a healthy diet, they will help you get back in shape.

Thyphanie Mouton
18 March, 2016
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