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Le crudivorisme: une cure de « jouvence » pour le corps

This new trend of consumption that is the crudivorism is much talked about. Although every person in this world is
totally unique and therefore every human being will or will not enjoy this or that way of eating, many people dive into this trend of raw foodism without thinking. This type of diet certainly has its benefits on the body but it also pushes the body to lose its bearings. Let's see it together....

Indeed, our body is now accustomed to a certain cuisine that includes the cooking of food we consume daily. When the first men discovered fire, they included in their diet cooked foods that allowed their brains to grow and a certain intelligence to develop. Indeed, this is simply called evolution and adaptation. But at the same time, cooking food has brought us a certain industrialization over the centuries that has totally perverted us.

What to think then in this duality where taking one's place becomes complicated?


Are you a raw foodie or not?

Our friend the online dictionary wikipedia informs us the following: Raw foodism, also called living food, is a food practice that consists of eating exclusively raw food, often organically grown.


The first step would be to read many books on the subject in order to form a personal opinion, but you may find different opinions with each book you read. Indeed, each author has his or her own truth and therefore, being able to draw a personal conclusion is quite difficult, if not impossible.

The ideal would be to test this raw food diet on a short term basis in order to benefit from the advantages of this diet, namely : Eating live food that retains 100% of its vitamins and minerals because as we all know by now, traditional cooking kills most (if not all) of the nutrients on our plate. By consuming raw fruits and vegetables, we tap into the energy potential of the plant material we eat and derive considerable positive benefits for our well-being.

This is a positive point because raw food is very beneficial to our body.

At the same time, the many people (there is no shortage of YouTube channels on the subject) who have tested raw food over the long term can testify to the various damages on their health, namely :

  • Demineralization with hair loss and dental concerns
  • Fearfulness because, according to traditional Chinese medicine, eating only raw food cools down the body
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain or weight loss: it should be noted that the fruits that are part of this diet are for the most part naturally very sweet and can therefore trigger a weight gain process.
  • Depression
  • And sometimes even frigidity and impotence


As a naturopath, I obviously recommend living foods, but only as a cure. This means that our body needs, at certain times in its life, periods of cleansing to remove as much waste as possible from the body. By adopting a diet based on raw food for a limited period of time, the body will regain a certain vitality and well-being. Personally, I compare raw foodism to fasting, which is seen as a "rejuvenating" cure for the body.

Of course, integrating raw food into a classic lifestyle would be the ideal solution. Including living food can therefore be seen and felt as positive if it is adapted in a conscious and non-sectarian way. Let's take the example of a person who will include in his diet only one raw food meal per day, he will bring the benefits of this type of diet while protecting himself from potential harm to his body. For the other dishes of the day, our little advice would also be to choose a low temperature cooking

Also, these specific times for raw food will be preferred in the summer or perhaps also in the spring, but winter is absolutely not a period adapted to this type of cold and demineralizing food.

Don't go overboard seems to be a priority when it comes to diet. Indeed, it is necessary to be able to vary the sources and pleasures.

If you wish to start a cure, do not hesitate to contact a naturopath who can support you and answer all your questions.

Vanessa Colant
16 March, 2017
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