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Le bourgeon de noyer : un moyen pour se soigner

The walnut bud is the remedy par excellence for everything related to the digestive system, but not only! Discover the many benefits of the walnut bud.

Gemmotherapy or bud therapy

Gemmotherapyis a branch of phytotherapy that uses the buds, young shoots and rootlets of plants, trees and shrubs. All the benefits of the plant are concentrated in its embryonic cells, which are macerated in a glycerine solution. Once the process is complete, it is referred to asglycerine macerate

What makes gemmotherapy interesting is that it is particularly effective in soothing physical but also psycho-emotional disorders. It is a holistic remedy par excellence. 

The walnut bud, juglans regia .

The walnut tree is a large tree commonly found in our latitudes. It grows on its own and independently of the other species next to it. Interesting fact: nothing grows under its shadow. This particularity will be highlighted by the principle of similarities, which recommends the use of walnut bud glycerol alone or outside of any drug intake and / or dietary supplements.

The general actions of walnut bud.

  • regenerates the intestinal microbiota
  • stimulates the hepato-biliary functions
  • acts on the digestive system
  • relieves dermatological problems
  • improves respiratory functions

The walnut bud : zoom on its digestive properties

  • As stated in the previous paragraph, walnut bud is known for its action on the gut microbiota. It is mainly recommended to restore the balance of the intestinal ecosystem. It thus promotes theelimination of bad bacteria, parasites and fungi while stimulating the growth of good bacteria.

With this in mind, it can very well be coupled with a probiotic cure to improve lazy digestion : bloating, aerophagia ...

Good to know: The walnut bud has been shown to be effective against candida albicans And is a natural vermifuge !

  • Walnut bud also acts on pancreatic functions by stimulating insulin production. Diabetics and pre-diabetics should be interested in the benefits of this macerate. 
  • The walnut bud is astringent. As a result, it souls diarrhea. It is advisable to take it after antibiotic therapy, in case of dysentery, tourista, gastroenteritis, etc...
  • The hepato-biliary functions will be supported thanks to walnut bud. It aids in digestion and purification of the blood when it is loaded with toxin.

The walnut bud : to have a beautiful skin

By boosting hepato-biliary functions, walnut bud helps to stimulate the emunctories liver and intestine and thus depuration. The skin being a secondary emunctory, taking over when the liver and intestines are over-worked, the dermatological problems will be relieved: eczema, psoriasis, acne, abscesses, herpes, mycosis, wounds, dermatosis, dermatitis...

The walnut bud improves the immune response

A balanced and quality intestinal microbiota is a guarantee of good physical and mental health. A large part of your immune system is your intestines. Thus, we can say that walnut bud strengthens your immune system.

The walnut bud, an anti-inflammatory ?

The fact that walnut bud acts onthe balance of the microbiota will impact the quality of the intestinal mucosa. Even if it does not have anti-inflammatory properties, the walnut bud still has an impact on the modulation of the inflammatory response of the intestinal mucosa as well as that of the whole body: osteoarthritis, tendonitis, etc...

The walnut bud and respiratory diseases

The lungs are emunctories that, like the skin, take over when the liver is clogged. The result is that waste products pass through the airways in the form of mucus. Chronic bronchitis, coughs, etc... will be soulagées thanks to the depurative virtues of the walnut bud.

Other virtues of the walnut bud

The walnut is hemostatic. It limits blood flow. It is advised in the event of hemorrhoidal crisis or of abundant menstruations. 

Walnut bud and emotions

The walnut bud accompanies people who are permeable to ambient energies, to the thoughts of others and who need to create a protective bubble.

To conclude

The walnut bud is very suitable for children. Be careful only in case of constipation, it is preferable not to take it in the long term.

Alexia Bernard
2 March, 2020
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