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L’ E.F.T. : la méthode axée sur les émotions

Among the many methods that combine physical, emotional and energetic well-being, mind-body techniques are among those that make us take responsibility for our life path, our ailments and our problems.

Indeed, by working on the physical body directly and autonomously, the awareness of our emotional states appears more quickly. From then on, the accompaniment towards recovery is more effective.

EFT: what is it all about?

The E.F.T. or Emotional Freedom Techniques, literally in French emotional release technique, is a method developed in 1993 by Gary Craig. The latter would have simplified a method of energetic healing more complex (the T.F.T - Thought Field Thérapy) , developed and initiated then by Roger Callaghan.

According to the E.F.T. principle, when we are subjected to negative emotions in our daily life, these become blocked in us, preventing the energy system from circulating properly. From then on, the consequences of these blockages cause disturbances in the energetic system, responsible for many other ailments within our body, getting worse and worse over the years.

E.F.T. allows us to work directly on the energetic knots caused by these emotions and life moments forged in the unconscious. Through tapping directly on reflex points on different parts of the body, theemotional release technique allows, through positive affirmations recited like mantras, to release our blockages.

E.F.T.: an emotionally focused method for everyone

This method without danger and without contraindications allows, from the youngest age, to practice a method of well-being almost without limit. Stress, phobias, grief, burnout, addictions, fatigueanxieties, fears, guilt, difficult sleepTrauma is one of the many problems that can be addressed by the EFT. Indeed, we can say that E.F.T. is a method that enables the management of emotions, namely fear, joy, sadness, anger, surprise and disgust.

The limits of E.F.T. are those of the psychological state of the person, namely whether the traumas require medical support such as psychosis in an extreme case.

The emotional release technique: an energetic ritual.

Combined with acupuncture points, tapping points for E.F.T.are obviously less complex to find; but they are also limited in quantity. We will mainly use 15 of them.

  • Using your fingers (usually the index and middle fingers), tap on the different points in a precise sequence: the karate point (on the edge of the hand), the top of the head, the beginning of the eyebrow, the corner of the eye, under the eye, between the nose and the upper lip, between the lower lip and the chin, under the collarbone, under the armpits at the level of the chest, under the chest. This sequence is what we call, in E.F.T., the round of the points.  
  • The tapping on the different points thus allows the energetic stimulation which, associated with the mantras of liberation, work then to the emotional healing of the being.
E.F.T., the method based on emotions

The E.F.T. Mantras

What we call mantras are target phrases to work on during tapping. The first objective is to detect the real cause of the problem. "Why do I feel bad? What do I want to release in a month? What do I need to change in my life?".

In a second phase, acceptance and release will be initiated.

Let's take an example with a person who wants to stop consuming refined sugar that he consumes without moderation and that affects his liver. While performing an E.F.T. round, the person expresses themselves through targeted phrases:

- "Even though I consume a lot of sugar on a daily basis, I love and accept myself completely.

- Even though I put way too much sugar in my coffee in the morning, I love and accept myself completely.

- Even though I need sugar to feel good, I love myself and I accept this situation now.

- Even though my sugar addiction reinforces my anger, I love and accept myself completely.

- "Even though sugar damages my liver and causes daily anger, I love myself and accept this situation.

Unlike many personal development tools, E.F.T. works on the negative that exists in the present moment.

E.F.T. validated by science

And if E.F.T. still questions you, you should know that science is looking into it more and more, studying the behaviors of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through extensive MRI studies. In fact, studies prove that sensitive areas become activated during an E.F.T. round.

Finally, E.F.T. is a tool that can be performed in self-healing, if you have the knowledge to perform a round. Although easy to use, EFT can also be a technique used during coaching or personal development support led by a practitioner trained in this technique.

Vanessa Colant
15 January, 2019
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