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Grossesse : 5 conseils indispensables avant de tomber enceinte

You are planning to have a child and you want to put all the chances on your side? Here are 5 natural tips (valid for dads too!) to put in place before getting pregnant for a harmonious conception and a serene beginning of pregnancy.

Pregnancy: tips for parents-to-be

The counseling around conception is generally directed at expectant mothers. Today, in your article, dads are not left out! What could be better than to involve the father in this process, which is so intangible for him? Here are two important points to be put in place by the two future new parents.

1- Adopt a hypotoxic diet 

  • Fill up on vitamins and minerals thanks to a "living", colorful, organic or garden food. Fruits and vegetables should be in season and eaten raw or undercooked to preserve all their nutritional value. Think of algae and sprouted seeds which are nutrient bombs!
  • Cereals (pasta, rice, flour, etc.) should be whole or semi-complete in order to benefit from the B group vitamins present only in the cereal's envelope. 
  • Remember to vary the oils: coconut, olive or peanut oil for cooking, rapeseed, walnut or hazelnut oil (be careful, these last two oils go rancid very quickly. They are to be kept in a cool place), olive for the seasonings. 
  • Limit red meat, prefer small fish less affected by heavy metal pollution.
  • Beware of sugars! Switch to coconut sugar, which has a sweetening power to taste without being a glycemic bomb!

2- To limit or even banish before getting pregnant

  • Industrial food, sodas, refined sugar and cereals, chocolate bars ....
  • Alcohol, cigarettes: whose harmful effects are no longer to be proven...
  • Coffee: turn to substitutes such as chicory or yannoh that are less acidic for the body. 
  • Tea: prefer infusions that promote fertility, such as raspberry or red clover leaves for women and ginger and astragalus for men.

Pregnancy: advice for the mother-to-be

3-A vitamin and mineral cure

Gynecologists advocate that their patients take a folic acid taper before any conception and for the first 3 months. Folic acid is nothing more than vitamin B9 present in all green vegetables: spinach, parsley, dandelion, lamb's lettuce ... It is involved in cell renewal and proper development of the embryo to fetus.

To supplement your folic acid intake, you can take a course of brewer's yeast.

The nettle is a plant with multiple virtues. Its main asset is that it is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements. Do not hesitate to consume it in salads, soups or infusions. 

4- Pre-conception detox

In order to prevent possible nausea or other inconveniences at the beginning of pregnancy, it would be interesting to make a light detox to relieve the work of the liver and eliminate accumulated toxins.

Alcohol, cigarettes, refined sugars, it's over! Adopt tip 1 to lighten the digestive system and especially the liver in its purifying role. 

Accompany this phase with the juice of 1/2 lemon every morning, 6 days a week, and why not a "detox" infusion to be defined according to your level of "clogging" and vital energy.

This detox is like cleaning up before welcoming a guest. It's setting the stage for a natural pregnancy.

5- Manage your emotions

The period around conception can awaken certain fears including not being able to have a child, not knowing how to be a good mother or having apprehension about pregnancy, birth etc....

Natural techniques can help you through this stage of life:

  • sophrology 
  • mindfulness meditation
  • self-hypnosis
  • Schulss autogenic training

Techniques for relaxationEach person will find in the world of personal development the discipline that best suits them. 

Pregnancy: BONUS

Learn to connect to your cycle menstrual. You will be able to detect when ovulation occurs and thus put all the chances of success on your side (without becoming obsessed, of course!)! 

Nutrition, emotional management, vitamin treatment, all wrapped up in love and complicity and you are ready for this beautiful adventure!

Alexia Bernard
16 October, 2019
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