Arthritis: the natural cure to relieve pain

Nature offers us a whole range of very interesting and often unknown remedies. If you are interested in natural medicine, you will quickly realize that phytotherapy is an indispensable ally in health care. Very quickly our allopathic pharmacies can be transformed into treasure boxes of essential oils, bud macerates, dried plants, infusions, mother tinctures and so many other precious little vials with very different actions.

Whether you suffer from toothache, stomachache, headache or even rheumatism, phytotherapy has a solution for you. Indeed, rheumatism can be inflammatory like arthritis and in this case, some plants can perfectly replace the traditional anti-inflammatory drugs.
Certainly the effect will be less immediate but isn't it more interesting to take its time to take care of itself rather than to live and undergo the inconveniences of the side effects which will push you to take other drugs to fill a new pain?

You could also, on the advice of your doctor, reduce your doses of allopathic medication and supplement with the benefits of nature: plants that will support your fight against pain.

Gemmotherapy and aromatherapy

These two branches of phytotherapy call upon the energy capital of the plant.

  • Gemmotherapy is a technique using embryonic extracts of plants. Several parts of the plant are used, such as buds, young shoots, rootlets, etc.
    These are prepared in the pharmacy in the form of diluted or concentrated glycerine macerates. Let's focus now on the two interesting macerates if you suffer from arthritis.
    • Blackcurrant bud - Ribes Nigrium - is considered the ultimate anti-rheumatic due to its anti-inflammatory activity. Because of its "cortisone like" effect, it can therefore replace chemical cortisone. The great advantage of this bud - like all gemmotherapy products - is that it does not cause any side effects and thus your stomach is protected. The catch is therefore safe.
    • The Virginia creeper bud - Ampelopsis weitchi - slows and stops joint deformities because it slows the formation of osteophytes. The effect of this product will be reinforced by the action of the bud of blackcurrant which we will thus associate.
      This interesting duet will make it possible to fight against the wear of the articulation, the evils of back, the aches as well as the articular embarrassments. As gemmotherapy supplements are rich in trace elements, this treatment will also allow a remineralization of the body which is very frequent in joint concerns.
  • Aromatherapy is a little more known to the general public because everyone knows about essential oils. It is however very important, despite their notoriety, to use these products with great care. If used indiscriminately and without professional advice, they can even be dangerous. Among the large choice of essential oils, some have an anti-inflammatory action and therefore would help support a person in his treatment against arthritis:
    • HECT lemon eucalyptus - eucalyptus citriodora citronnellalifera
    • HECT wintergreen - gaultheria procumbens
    • HECT of Ceylon citronella - cymbopogon nardus

By taking all the precautions and by informing you sufficiently, it will be sometimes possible for you to play the small chemist by preparing yourself a personal lotion, to apply in massage to the painful zones:

  • 1ml essential oil of wintergreen
  • 1ml essential oil of lemon eucalyptus
  • 1ml essential oil of Italian helichrysum
  • 1ml essential oil of laurel
  • 5ml of vegetable oil of your choice

Joint problems are the problems of the century, everyone - or almost everyone - suffers from them, so getting natural help to relieve pain is a gift from nature that you should not refuse.

Vanessa Colant 18 April, 2016
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