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Green Clay - Superfine

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    Fabriquant: Argiletz
    Contenu: 1.0 KG
    Référence: AZ023

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    Argiletz superfine green clay is a rigorously selected illite clay, subjected to many controls. It is extremely rich in useful minerals for the body and works effective for many health applications, although its adsorbent action is less strong than that of montmorillonite clay and that montmorillonite therefore can be preferred to it in some health problems for greater efficiency. The superfine Argiletz clay is a very fine powder (grain size of about 60 microns) which lends itself particularly well to usage as beauty mask for the face, and, with caution, internally, as a treatment or a dietary supplement. Of course it can also be used for poultices, plasters, balneotherapy or hygiene (e.g. non-foaming "soap" or shampoo).

    In paste form applied as clay facial mask green clay is particularly suitable for oily skin however works wonders on all skin types thanks to its soothing, cleansing, toning and decongestant properties. As thus it brightens the complexion and gives the skin an incredible soft touch. Used regularly it has a wonderful rebalancing effect, absorbs excess sebum, gently cleanses, stimulates the immune system and gives the face a new tone. This paste is also ideal applied to oily hair.

    ATTENTION. The Argiletz product's packaging does unfortunately not always correctly resist to shocks during shipping. Thus, it can happen that some clay is released from its container and contaminates its bag, box or some other products in the shipping box. We do our best, when packing your order, to minimize this risk but can no longer assume responsibility in case of leakage during shipping. In order not to deprive our customers of these quality clays we continue selling them on line but do not take responsibility for the damage resulting from the weakness of the original packaging.


    Natural Illite compound. 100% green clay, rich in minerals and trace elements.


    Raw sun-dried illite green clay.


    - Quality satisfying the levels of microbiological purity thresholds required by European Pharmacopoeia V.2.1.8.
    - 100% natural.
    - Sun-dried.
    - No artificial preservatives.
    - No irradiation.
    - Not tested on animals.
    N.B. As clay is a mineral it can not receive an "organic" label but since 1953 Argiletz multiplies research and controls to deliver a clay with best health benefits.

    Recommendations for use

    - Internal use: pour one half to two teaspoons of green clay into a glass of water. Mix with a wooden spoon and drink it all or drink only the clayish water after leaving the clay to settle to the bottom of the glass. Internal use is not harmless, see serious books or a therapist who will guide you.
    - Preparation of clay paste: pour the required amount of clay in a glass or earthen container. Cover with water (1 to 2 cm). Leave it to stand for 1 to 2 hours. Mix carefully with a wooden spoon until the paste gets creamy and smooth.
    - Face mask: spread the clay paste in a thin layer (2 to 3 mm), leave on for 10 minutes. Do not allow the clay paste to dry. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Apply a moisturising Crème/Fluide .
    - Hair mask: spread clay paste evenly over the scalp. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse, then, use your regular shampoo.
    - For washing skin or hair (for medium hair) mix 3-6 tablespoons filled to the brim with clay paste in 6-12 tablespoons hot water to a thick liquid paste. Let swell the clay paste a few moments. Then spread the mixture on the moistened skin or in the wet hair and massage gently. Let it work for a short time and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finally, dry and care skin or hair as usual.
    Huiles essentielles , or for dry hair a few drops of Huiles végétales , can be added to the paste.
    - Bath: dilute approximately 200g green clay in the bath water. A few drops of essential oil may be added if desired. Relax for 20 minutes, then rinse with clear water. Your skin will feel wonderfully supple and soft. For dry skin use an hydrating Crème/fluide and/or BAOBAB Leg Lotion - Demeter .

    Precautions for use

    - Keep in a dry area.
    - Keep away from freezing.
    - Beware of clay dust which is always present even before opening the package.

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