The main mission of primavera is to develop natural products of exquisite quality, in a responsible approach to nature and to produce them in a sustainable way. The environmental impact of each action taken is measured to be as low as possible. 

18.90 € 18.90 €
Blue chamomile, also known as true chamomile, is an annual herbaceous plant that thrives throughout Europe. True chamomile can grow up to 50 cm tall and has white flowers with a distinctive fragrance. The dark blue color of the essential oil is created during distillation, when chamazulene is formed. Chamomile has been known as a medicinal plant since antiquity.
Primavera Organic Almond Oil
14.90 € 14.90 €
Soothing and protective for sensitive skin, as a gentle nourishing oil for the whole family. A must-have as a multi-purpose product in every bathroom. The ideal base oil for your own blends with essential oils.
Organic avocado oil
17.90 € 17.90 €
Cold-pressed avocado oil is particularly rich and therefore ideal for very dry, rough skin. It not only intensely cares for and moisturizes the skin, but also provides it with phytosterols, lecithin and fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D.
Huile de jojoba Spring organic
9.90 € 9.90 €
Cold-pressed jojoba oil is an oxidation-stable vegetable oil that cares for all skin types. It provides long-lasting hydration and promotes skin firmness and elasticity.
Organic basil
9.90 € 9.90 €
L'huile essentielle de basilic exotique Primavera s'utilise en diffusion atmosphérique pour apaiser l'esprit et le fortifier, donner de l'enthousiasme.
Lemongrass bio - 10 ml
9.90 € 9.90 €
L'huile essentielle de citronnelle Primavera confère le confort et le courage d'affronter et de résoudre les conflits. Elle apaise également les accès de colère.