Terre de Couleur is a young company, founded in 2001 on the research the current manager was leading on the eastern and western traditional medicines.

Now well established in France, at various retailers of natural products, its range Aube Indienne is also very popular with professional hairdressers.

This Indian-inspired range is in line with the desire of its designer to highlight some of these cultures as they are, in his opinion, the closest to the soul of nature.

From immemorial time, man has treated himself with various natural elements.

  • Clay and its different colours.
  • Plants and the "theory of signatures" (choice of the plant according to the nature of the ground where it grows, the colour of the leaves and sap, orientation of the shoot, shape and design shown).
  • Water quality.
  • The minerals recovered by cremation of the plant.

The final product was giving an ointment that met the needs of the patient.

Aube Indienne is the first range of products reflecting the richness and benefits of our basic concept, "cosmetic alchemy," and that meets the requirements of Indian care.

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