The initial idea was born from the desire to promote the exceptional buckwheat seed, nutritional and naturally gluten-free.

Thus, through an original organic recipe, an irresistible crunchy toast was born. It uses an extrusion process, unheard of at the time on buckwheat, which gives the product its unique texture. 

Multigrain crackers bio - 150 g
3.60 € 3.60 €
Spreads with 3 cereals: rice, buckwheat and millet. Light flavor that adapts to every moment of consumption. Fine and crispy texture, slightly toasted. Gluten free.
Buckwheat Crackers bio - 150 g
3.60 € 3.60 €
Crunchy gluten-free buckwheat bread 100% organic. Source of fiber and rich in minerals.
Chestnut Crackers bio - 150 g
4.00 € 4.00 €
Crunchy chestnut toast. Vegan, organic and gluten free.