The Ferme de Saussac brand is a site of producers, pickers and distillers of aromatic and medicinal plants in Organic Agriculture (AB), certified by Ecocert. You will not find any additives added in the elaboration of their products. A pledge of quality ! 

Wart birch bud macerate
24.80 € 24.80 €
Strengthens the immune system and regenerates bone tissue. Stimulates the drainage of the articular system by reducing acid residues.
Pubescent birch (bud macerate of) - Bio
24.80 € 24.80 €
Reputed to be a general drainer, it acts in depth on the emunctories (liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, skin).
Pear bud extract - organic
24.80 € 24.80 €
Box tree bud extract - organic
24.80 € 24.80 €
Chelidonium majus tincture - Greater celandine - organic
8.70 € 8.70 €
Celidonia mother tincture is a 100% natural, hydroalcoholic solution made from a blend of fresh plants and alcohol.