Since its creation, Cattier Laboratory has put all its know-how and expertise at the service of the beauty and well-being of everyone. Respectful of the environment and eager to allow the consumer to fully benefit from the multiple benefits of nature, without ever harming it, the laboratory has designed a range of beauty, hygiene and organic care products Cattier.

Pink Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
Ideal for sensitive skin. This mask will protect and remineralize your face.
Green Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
Ideal for combination to oily skin. This mask will hydrate, purify and mineralize your skin.
Black Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
Ideal for city dwellers and dull complexions, this mask will detoxify the skin and brighten your complexion.
Violet Clay Mask
8.00 € 8.00 €
This energizing fruit complex is ideal for tired skin lacking vitality. It is suitable for all skin types and naturally restores radiance.