POE N°18 Precious Solution
16.60 € 16.60 €
The POE n°18 "Precious Solution" is a complete preparation of multiple highly assimilable trace elements to fight against temporary fatigue.
POE No. 17 Sportoligo
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE No. 17 "Sportoligo" combines trace elements (Cu) with Ginseng extract to support you in your sporting activities.
POE N°16 Drainoligo
23.50 € 23.50 €
The POE n°16 " Drainoligo " associates a synergy of trace elements (Mn - Cr - I) with the extracts of Algae, Juniper, Dandelion, Nettle, Prune and Black Radish for a general drainage in the event of excess weight.
POE N°15 Menoligo
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°15 " Menoligo " associates a synergy of trace elements (Zn - I - Mn) to blur the inconveniences related to the changes of age.
POE N°14 Sage
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°14 associates trace elements (Cu) with Sage extracts to bring tonus and energy, and to reinforce the natural defenses.
POE N°13 Ortie
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°13 associates trace elements (I) with Nettle extracts to act against hair loss, brittle nails or joint pain.
POE N°12 Red Vine
28.80 € 28.80 €
The POE n°12 associates a synergy of trace elements (Mn - I - Se - Cr) with extracts of red Vine to improve the circulatory disorders and to fluidify the circulation.
POE N°11 Hypericum
23.50 € 23.50 €
The POE n°11 associates trace elements (Mn) with Hypericum extracts (St. John's wort) to fight against nervousness, anxiety, stress and low morale. It also helps to find the sleep.
POE N°10 Meadowsweet
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°10 associates a synergy of trace elements (Mn - Cu) with extracts of Meadowsweet to alleviate the articulations and to take part in the maintenance of the osteo-articular system.
POE N°9 Chlorella
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°9 associates a synergy of trace elements (Se - Mo) with extracts of Chlorella to detoxify the body and help to eliminate heavy metals.
POE N°8 Genièvre Ortie
33.60 € 33.60 €
Le POE n°8 associe une des oligoéléments (I) aux extraits de Genièvre et Ortie pour éliminer l'acidité de l'organisme, la cellulite et la rétention d'eau, et favoriser le confort articulaire.
POE N°7 Orange Blossom
33.60 € 33.60 €
POE n°7 combines catalytic trace elements (Mn) with Orange Blossom to regulate nervousness, calm anxiety, balance sleep and promote concentration.
POE N°6 Cress
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°6 associates a synergy of trace elements (Mn - Cu - I - Fe - Mo) with the extract of Watercress to regulate the disorders related to the lack of iron: tiredness, weaknesses, lack of appetite...
POE No. 5 Cassis
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°5 associates a synergy of trace elements (Mn - Cu) with the extract of Blackcurrant to regulate the disorders of hypersensitivity of the skin and the immune system (cutaneous reactions, sensitivity to the pollens and allergens...).
POE N°4 Carrot
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°4 associates a synergy of trace elements (Cu - Se - Mn) with vitamins A and E and Carrot extract to prevent the signs of cellular aging.
POE N°3 Pruneau
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°3 associates trace elements (Mn) with extracts of Prune to support the intestinal balance and the internal comfort.
POE N°2 Radis Noir - Pissenlit
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°2 associates a synergy of trace elements (Mn - Zn - Cr) to the extracts of Dandelion and Black Radish to facilitate digestion and to regulate all the evils related to a hepatic overload: headaches, constipation, overweight, problems of skin
POE N°1 Algues Fucus Pissenlit
33.60 € 33.60 €
The POE n°1 associates a synergy of trace elements (I - Mn - Cu) with Fucus and Dandelion seaweed extracts to rebalance the general state and stimulate metabolic exchanges, thus allowing to regulate excess weight (excess or lack of appetite, cellulite...).