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Les amandes, la cannelle et le chrome, régulateurs naturels des taux de sucre sanguins


Currently, many people have disturbances in their blood glucose levels, which may be a sign of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or full-blown diabetes.

However, even if you are currently experiencing a series of metabolic disturbances that worry you and seem to be precursors of a possible chronic disease, we have good news for you. It is obvious that these blood parameters should be monitored regularly and abnormalities should not be minimized if they exist, but be aware that the damage can always be reversed and the blood parameters regulated by some simple dietary measures. Thus, ingesting almonds, cinnamon and chromium before meals, for example, can help you in this process.

Fasting blood glucose levels should not exceed 100 mg/dl, and after meals, they should not rise higher than 40 to 50 mg/dl. If the fasting blood glucose level is 126 mg/dl or higher, a diagnosis of diabetes may be made. Consistently high fasting blood glucose levels over long periods of time can lead to pancreatic dysfunction, and eventually to degeneration or death of pancreatic cells, and thus of course to more serious health problems.

The investment in the purchase of a blood sugar monitor is low. This will allow you to check your own blood glucose levels and you will see how diet strongly influences these measurements.


Tolerance thresholds for sugar vary greatly from person to person, so if you have problems, it is advisable to check your own parameters on a daily basis. Even if each metabolism is different, there are basic nutritional rules to follow to avoid damaging the pancreas. As you probably know, industrial and processed foods are conducive to elevated blood sugar levels, while raw and natural foods do not cause such disturbances. It has been found that almonds neutralize excess sugar and have a long-term regulating effect on physiological parameters related to sugar metabolism. Researchers say that eating 10g of almonds a day is enough to significantly reduce fasting blood sugar levels.

You can also spice up your diet with cinnamon, as this spice has the ability to normalize the metabolism of sugars. Indeed, its active elements have a direct impact on the cellular signals that trigger insulin secretion by the pancreas. This action prevents excessive blood spikes of insulin which are very harmful to health. In addition to improving the sensitivity of cellular receptors to insulin, chromium facilitates the cellular assimilation of blood glucose by activating the molecules that transport it.

These few simple nutritional measures, along with chromium supplements, will help you preserve your pancreas and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes. In fact, maintaining blood sugar levels within physiological norms is an excellent prevention against the risk of developing diseases and helps maintain optimal health. So, don't hesitate to consume almonds, cinnamon and chromium.


Carol Panne
5 October, 2017
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