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Le Bourgeon de Tilleul : excellent draineur du système nerveux

The nervousness you experience daily and constantly is absolutely not positive for your health. Indeed, it really impacts the physical body as well as the mental body, i.e.:your emotions. As periods of stress, nervousness or even aggression appear, you are disrupting your homeostasis. That health balance that needs to be consistent and not see-saw.

That we stress and therefore nervous about a job interview, an exam, the results of a medical checkup or even any other disruptive event is completely normal and even healthy for the body. What destroys and invalidates health is the accumulation of stress and unhealthy periods. Indeed, if these moments are constant and daily, then the situation really becomes problematic.

Nervousness maintains a state of stress that will promote the state of nervousness. The loop is closed and the exit is sometimes complicated to find.

Fortunately, nature supports us and does not wish to see us sink into states of unwillingness and unstable emotions in this way. It will then provide us with many ways to help us get up and out of this vicious circle.

Let us then embrace theplants and more particularly the buds of them which have a very interesting physical and emotional impact on various health disorders. This is called gemmotherapy..

The Lime bud: Excellent drainer of the nervous system

Due to its very interesting quality on the nervous system, linden bud - Tilia Tomentosa - is well known for its calming action. Indeed, Philippe Adrianne calls it "the plant tranquilizer". It reduces psychic tension as well as agitation, stress and nervous disorders. Its calming action will then be very interesting to stabilize a person and help them stay "zen" throughout their day.

We all know this grandmother's remedy which advocates linden tea to promote to fall asleep.  This fragrant tea that induces soothing and calm in any situation. We all tested it and in general, we all validated it because the impact of lime tree is really very interesting and effective on this type of pathology.
Let's not confuse leaf tea with lime tree sapwood ones because they have totally different properties. Indeed, while the former contributes to soothing and calm, the latter will have an interesting impact on the liver, kidneys and intestines due to its depurative properties. This can then be used as a mid-season drainage, for example, to remove toxins.

Let's go back to the gemmotherapy : The bud, on the other hand, will have an even more profound impact because gemmotherapy involves the natural use of the plant's embryonic tissues. This means that one will draw one's life energy complete and pure. Note that the bud contains all the power of the plant to be born. Nature is with us, in every situation.

In order to regain a healthy, balanced and harmonious life, it is important to defeat situations of nervousness and aggression with the goal of regaining a state of constant and linear calm.

In gemmotherapy, dosages are specific to each problem and each person. The posology being from 1 to 10 drops per day, apart from the meals. Purists will take the drops directly under the tongue, but it is entirely possible, and recommended, to dilute them in a glass of water. Let's start low and gradually increase the number of daily drops, until the situation stabilizes and balance has returned. Cures are ideally done within 21 days with a one-week break between each treatment.
Ideally, if you want to do a full gemmotherapy cure, you should seek advice from your natural health therapist who can best advise you on dosage, depending on your condition. In addition, it will certainly be able to combine several buds - such as fig tree - to increase the effects and then make them more interesting.

Vanessa Colant
15 November, 2016
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