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10 bonnes raisons de devenir optimiste 

Optimism is not about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. This is not "magical thinking" either. It is a state of mind that has multiple benefits on our physical and mental health!

Optimism is good for your health!

It is from the 90's, that neurosciences have looked into the mechanisms of optimism. Data are based on spontaneous remissions, the physiological benefits of laughter on health, the consequences of morale on aging... Among the benefits of optimism are:

  • less depression
  • better management of the stress
  • a good self-esteem
  • more physical resistance
  • mental well-being
  • increased life expectancy
  • an ability to build stronger relationships
  • more successes (in all areas)
  • a more serene and confident state
  • greater satisfaction with one's life

Optimismis a positive attitude in the future. It is also a hopeful emotion that allows everyone to adapt and overcome life's challenges. At the root of positive psychology, optimism appeals to the moral resources and dynamism of individuals in order to develop their strengths, abilities, qualities,...

His principle? Why waste life ressing problems instead of seeking to brighten it? How about seeing that the bright side of things!

The goal? Giving meaning to our actions and being responsible for what we can change.

But, the big question is of course how to apply it to everyday life? Simply by learning to (self)love, project, create, positivize, breathe, give, move, give thanks, without forgetting to smile!

In short, follow your dreams! If nothing else, it works!

Fifty and Me Magazine
25 February, 2019
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