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Herbal Hair Color Senna/Cassia (colourless)

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    Fabriquant: Khadi
    Contenu: 100.0 G
    Référence: KH008

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    Khadi Herbal Hair Color Colourless Senna/Cassia is a non-tinting hair care suitable for all hair colours and types. It strengthens and regenerates the hair structure and brings the natural hair colour to full advantage.
    Senna/Cassia Cure works best for dry, heavily worn, blonded or streaked hair, or as a pre-treatment before Khadi herbal hair colours: it builds up the structure at each application and ensures that the hair takes the herbal hair color evenly up.

    Herbal hair dyes are particularly gentle as they do not interfere with the natural structure of the hair, unlike chemical hair dyes, but covers each individual hair like a protective thin film of colour. Thus the initial hair colour determines the individual dyeing result.

    Khadi Natural Cosmetics combines Ayurvedic Nature care with the latest cosmetic technology. The result: highly effective yet gentle natural cosmetics with valuable ingredients that nourish, protect and strengthen hair and scalp completely naturally. Khadi Herbal Hair Colors give the hair an intense yet natural colour. The herbal ingredients strengthen the hair from root to tips: it feels strong and dense, and shines healthy. The longer the exposure time of the hair colour, the more intense the shade, so even gray hair can shine with Khadi Hair Colours in blond, nut brown, black or any other nuance.

    See the colour chart .


    Cassia Obovata Leaves (Senna/Cassia)


    The so-called "colorless henna" is actually none and is obtained from the plant Cassia obovata or Senna italica.

    Khadi Natural Cosmetics combines traditional Ayurvedic care with the latest cosmetic technology and European cosmetic standards. The formulations for herbal hair colours, hair and body care are developed on the basis of dermatological findings together with Ayurvedic therapists and all Khadi natural products are made from natural active ingredients through a complex, traditional process.
    Khadi natural cosmetics coddle hair and skin with active principles from wild herbs and oils and plants from organic agriculture. Attention is paid to fair trading prices and working conditions and thanks to its cooperations Khadi improves the living conditions of the local residents. Also important for Khadi is the result: highly effective and gentle natural cosmetics with valuable ingredients - free of synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives, color enhancers, peroxides, ammonia and other chemical additives.


    Herbal Hair Colors really work differently.
    Chemical hair colours aggressively remove natural pigments from the interior of the hair shaft, and replace them with synthetic dyes. In this way, the initial hair colour can be completely changed. However, since natural hair pigments have an influence on overall hair structure, repeated chemical colour treatments can make hair fragile and lifeless.
    100% Herbal Hair Colors penetrate only into the outer, scaly layer of the hair shaft, giving a coating of colour over this outer layer. The natural hair pigments can, depending on the colouring way, shine through this colour layer so that the initial colour has an influence on the new hair colour.

    The active substances from the leaves of the Senna plant encase lengths and tips gently and fill up small damages. They give the hair moisture and let the colour shine brightly.


    • gives hair fullness and shine
    • builds up the hair structure
    • makes dark Khadi hair colors more transparent
    • efreshes all Khadi herbal hair colours

    Recommendations for use

    • To use either as a natural hair conditioner or, if you want to give a new shine to the Khadi herbal hair colour, now and then as a haircure. Khadi Senna/Cassia can also be combined with any of the other Khadi hair colours to create a lighter or more transparent hue, simply by mixing the powders in the ratio you want, depending on whether you want to get a strong or a light nuance.
    • For damaged or blonded hair, use Senna/Cassia once or twice before dyeing with Khadi natural hair dyes: this optimally prepares the hair structure so that the hair will evenly absorb the herbal.
    • Use the powder like the other Khadi hair colors (see the user manual enclosed in the box) but with healthy hair you do not have to pay attention to the exposure time as Khadi Senne/Cassia does not give off any colour. For strained or blonded hair, Khadi hair oil can also be used first: then apply the natural hair cure directly to the hair with the oil.
      Senna/Cassia nourishes white, light or blonded hair after only 15-20 minutes and strengthens it sustainably. Medium blond and darker hair may enjoy the hair cure up to 60 minutes.

    Precautions for use

    In rare cases it can happen that heavily strained or white, light or blonded hairs take on a slight green cast (which, however, washes out). In this case, let the hair care for only about 15 minutes.

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