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Biosphere is a Belgian label created 13 years ago. With several new titles each year, the label now includes 70 albums of relaxing music and nature sounds.

With a large variety of styles (from the pure sounds of nature to jazz tones, lounge music, pure ethnic or ethnically flavoured music) Biosphere always pursues the same objective, that of creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity, a kind of instrument for recovering one's forces and replenishing one's spirit.

The Biosphere music has been specifically conceived to induce well-being and relaxation. The rhythm of the compositions influences the state of mind, lowers the heart rhythm, brings an immediate sensation of well-being.

The Biosphere label is the result of a team effort, a team of professionals of relaxation who not only brought their technical and creative abilities but also their positive and imaginative energies in a spirit of pleasure.

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